Welcome to Monday ~ 15 October 2012

Welcome to Monday dear feminuausts. All I can say is WOW it’s been quite the week (backed up by quite a few intense weeks).

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ Award

Julia Gillard. That is all I have to say.

Julia Gillard sticking it to Tony Abbott – analysis

Anne Summers (who shall always be number 1 in my book for her work on raising the issue (and evidence) of the misogyny encountered by our first female PM) gives her take on why those in Canberra just didn’t get it

For Julia Baird (and many others, including myself) Gillard’s speech was significant from a feminist point of view – not a political point of view, and that’s why the MSM go it wrong

blue milk discusses silencing women who speak out against sexism

The Guardian weighs in “Julia Gillard’s attack on sexism hailed as turning point for Australian women”

Ben Eltham looks at Julia Gillard’s speech and what it means for feminism in Australian society

Dom Knight explores the opportunity for men to be treated the way women are treated

The Gender Card

Jane Caro discusses the pro’s of Margie Abbott claiming feminism

Carol Johnson examines how both sides of politics have used the ‘gender card’

Fabulous interview of Clem Ford on Right Now, as in, LOVE her right now!

Reproductive Rights

“I had an abortion… Or maybe I didn’t. What does it matter?” In opening with that question, ethicist, Leslie Cannold, challenges us to reshape our thinking on abortion.

Monica Dux reminds us of Tony Abbott’s stance against abortion

MLC implosion

James Campbell (in my opinion) talks some sexist shit by poo-pooing the paying of a head of a private girls school wages comparable (almost) to the private sector – cos what’s the point in paying senior educators well (mostly women) and especially for a girls’ school (spoiled brats)? I appreciate his point that private schools are fucking elitist but… it’s a private school…. in the private sector… which is not illegal in Australia. What’s wrong with thinking you’re worth enough as the leader of a private organisation to be paid the same as leaders of other private organisations? Surely, even private elitist schools generate more social capital than big law firms.

Jane Caro (love her!) discusses why the hell MLC’s ugly board dispute got so much attention – mainly because the heads of mainstream media outlets are people who can afford to send their kids there.

General Sexism

Want to know Alan Jones’ actual influence? It’s about the same as Gardening Australia.

Ben Pobjie gets enraged over Kate Ellis’ treatment on QA last week.. and I agree with him. SO OUTRAGED!

The winning formula for winning a nobel prize is to be a married 61yr old man who shaves regularly…

The Pardi Pardi discusses unintentional misogyny, picking examples from the business community

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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