Event on Monday night looking at emotional violence ~ bella union (Melbourne)

The ‘Forced: Knowing Violence, Taking Action’ forum will focus on non-physical violence, such as emotional abuse, financial abuse and social isolation. It will explore the different types of force and emotional violence that manifest in relationships. Importantly, it will involve practical discussion of what individuals can do to support women experiencing emotional abuse. We hope by the end of the night you will have the tools to make a difference in the lives of women, and men.

The 2006 VicHeath survey on community attitudes of violence (Two Steps Forward, One Step Back), show that few people view emotional violence on the same level as physical violence. However, the mental health impact of abusive control or social isolation can be just as dramatic as that stemming from physical abuse.

For more information on the expert panel… 

Anastasia Powell is a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Social Sciences at La Trobe University. Current research interests include young people’s experiences of pressured and unwanted sex, as well as technology-facilitated sexual violence. Her book, Sex, Power and Consent: Youth Culture and the Unwritten Rules (2010), discusses young people’s experiences of pressured and unwanted sex and the implications of these for sexual violence prevention. Anastasia’s work has also been commissioned by a number of government departments and other agencies. She recently authored the VicHealth report, More than ready: Bystander action to prevent violence against women.

Roshan Bhandary is a Program Manager at inTouch Multicultural Centre against Family Violence. She worked closely with marginalised women in her home country of Nepal before migrating to the United States to complete a Masters Degree and then onto Australia in 2008. She continues her passion for supporting, encouraging and inspiring to other women, especially women from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. She has played a central role in the development of several unique community engagement programs. Last month Roshan was received the Empowering Monash Women Award in recognition of her outstanding community contributions.

Kelsey Hegarty is the Chair of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria Governance Group, a General Practitioner and Associate Professor in the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne

For more information, or to share the flyer amongst friends: YUNWA Melbourne Forced: Knowing Violence Taking Action.

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