Welcome to Monday! ~ 5th November 2012

Sometimes, curling up in a ball and hiding seems like the best weekend fun EVER

Well dearest feminausts, it’s true, I’m a bad, bad webmistress and I forgot to do the one thing that IsBambi asked of me this week 😦 get the Welcome to Monday post done… SO it may be late and it may be rushed but here it is and I hope you lovelies enjoy. My reasons for such lateness are entirely associated with my incredibly stressful weekend which I will write about in another post for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy, and don’t forget not to shoot the messenger. xxx

Pony Award

Giving the pony award to the State Government (yes I know!) this weeks since the announcement that they’re bringing back the Auslan Diploma course to Victoria!!!!! This is not just an educational win but a human rights win for the deaf and hearing impaired community who have a right to participate in all forms of public life without disadvantage.

Working hard for the money

National Sexual Harrassment Prevalence report released…. this is just sad really.

Women’s workplace productivity… what is it and where can we find it?

My body is a battlefield

Nina Funnel writes about what life is like without safe abortions.

“As a woman, one thing I have always struggled with is the way in which women’s bodies (pregnant or otherwise), are often treated as public property. Over my life, there have been many occasions when strangers have felt entitled to comment on, or even touch my body, often without any regard for whether or not I want it, or how it might make me feel.”

Woman sells her virginity online for a serious amount of cash

The Australian government FINALLY agrees to start an implementation plan for their strategy to end violence against women, a massive part of their 2010 election promise (in my opinion anyway).

TRIGGER WARNING this article contains language which may distress some readers, it contains discriptions of sexual assault and violence. A shocking but very powerful letter to a conservative politician from a rapist.

Clementine Ford on rejecting “concern trolls” and rape culture. xxxxx

Sexism WHOOP!

French politicians forced to go to anti-sexism classes (is anyone feeling this is something we could use back here in Oz???)

Confessions from a formerly sexist man. Hugo Schwyzer talks about the power of society over his mother’s influence.

The Patriarchal Dividend. Still paying out bigtime despite the carbon tax…

STEEEELLLLLLAAAAAA!!!!! why we need a prize for women’s writing.

And something else…

Offending the hipster male

He is an upper-middle class magpie. He steals tattoos (and earlier trucker caps) from working class culture, and plucks brogues and moustaches from the (fantasised) upper class, to build his nest of sham authenticity, all the while laughing at his suburban parents with their McMansion’s full of ‘ethnic’ pottery, Hokusai prints, IKEA flatpacks and Balinese temple bells, failing to see the perfect symmetry between his past and present

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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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