Welcome to Monday ~ 26 November 2012

Welcome to Monday wonderful feminausts! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are getting all of your Christmas shopping done without too much stress. I did all of my present-shopping online in October – so easy!

Here is a collection of links from the week to get your fired up this Monday. If you have written anything and would like to see it on our W2M, feel free to email it through to us at info@feminaust.org.

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ Award

The Award goes to Ken Lay, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police. He spoke at a White Ribbon Day breakfast held by the Royal Women’s Hospital about the violence against women that police are called to deal with every day. It is a heartbreaking read, *trigger alert*, but as a Victorian I felt immensely proud to have Commissioner Lay take a stand in the way that he did. For more information


Dina Goldstein’s beautiful photographs examine Fallen Princesses.

In a threat to heterosexual patriarchy, College Humour released a video from gay men saying that they’ll marry the girlfriends of straight men if gay marriage isn’t made legal. Straight men responded with this video. Personally, for me it feels like one patriarchal group is just talking to another patriarchal group – despite the humorous approach. Do the girlfriends get a say in this?

Ukraine-based feminist group Femen are now operating in France, encouraging a type of feminist movement that is ‘provocative’.

Structural inequality

The editor’s of Nature take a look at the sexism operating in their publication.

Interested in the post-MDGs approach? Join a live chat here on Tuesday.

Taken from AWID: ‘With the upsurge in the criminalization of civil society, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders’ 2012 report discusses how States use legislation to regulate the activities of human rights defenders (HRDs). AWID reviews the report and its relevance to women human rights defenders (WHRDs).’

Gender bender

From Jezebel, “Meet Casey Legler, the Woman Who Works as a Male Model“.

IsBambi writes about dealing with being ‘body ready’ for summer.

Australian Government

Simon McKeon and Rachel Ball look at the missed opportunities in the new federal Equal Opportunity legislation.

Stella Young asks whether the Australian Government should have released guidelines about the ‘right way’ to describe people with disabilities.

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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