Welcome to Monday ~ 24 December 2012

Celebrations of Light Finale 2007 - image by SqueakyMarmotOh my god, the world did not end AND it’s Christmas tomorrow! So much excitement in such a short amount of time, gosh.

Also, I’d like to note that I don’t celebrate Christmas. I celebrate spending time with my family, giving and receiving gifts and gorging myself on fabulous food and wine. Looooove this time of year.

Feminaust is going to take a short break between Christmas and New Years so please have fabulous celebrations, look after yourself and pat each other on the back for a feminist-job-well-done this year. We look forward to seeing you again in the first (or second…) week of January 2013!

To keep us all going until then I’ve got a MASSIVE selection of links for you, please enjoy and share around. Don’t shoot the messenger but feel free to write to us if you want something published!

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ Award

The Award totally goes to The Early Bird Catches the Worm for her fabulous round up of 12 trends from 2012. Enjoy and reminisce.  I’d also like to add that TEBCW has been a strong follower of feminaust and we really appreciate being part of her online community :).

More reflections on 2012

Jane Caro reflects on 2012 as a pivotal year for women. Warning – this article contains Hillzdog.

Here is an article on Slate responding to the question ‘Do Some Women Hate Feminism?’ Please lets make the end of the Mayan calendar also equate to the end of people asking (and responding to) this very stupid question which takes the focus off actual issues of gender equality. Ok. Rant over.

Kate Galloway responds to the Daily Telegraph’s choice to award ‘Sportswomen of the Year’ to a horse with a discussion of sexism in sport. It’s funny the success of Australian women (20 medals out of total 35 and 3 of total 7 gold medals) at the recent London Olympics hasn’t made a dent in some sportswriters’ thick skulls.

Conveniently, the Daily Life has provided us with the 10 top Australian sportswomen of 2012. And they are all awesome.


You’re Welcome writes about her experience of food policing at Thanksgiving last year, and provides advice on how to deal with food police and not police other people’s eating habits.

Elizabeth Sweet despairs at the return of highly gendered toy marketing, she should know – she’s been researching the historical trajectory of gender-based marketing to children.

Feminism and the law

Apparently this actually happened in Iowa… ‘A dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant that he found attractive simply because he and his wife viewed the woman as a threat to their marriage, the all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.’

Ideologically Impure has an awesome and completely justifiable rant about a comedian who has been charged with sexually assaulting a child.


Andy Hinds, at the Atlantic, talks about how ‘Being a Stay-at-Home Dad Can Make Me Feel Like a Petulant 10-Year-Old’. I’m enjoying the growing space for men to discuss their experiences of parenting, especially in non-traditional arrangements. I’m particularly hopeful that this will help the movement encouraging women resist the pressure to appear to love every freaking thing about being a mum if in fact they don’t.

Happy, fuzzy feelings

Otters! Care of Hoyden About Town. And nattering in the comments thread that follows. Love it.

Yvonne Brewster is the Friday Hoyden from last week, she started Britain’s prominent Black theatre company, Talawa.

Nominations for NAB & Women Agenda’s Leadership Awards are open. For god’s sake ladies, nominate yourselves and the fabulous women you know. The categories are diverse, something for everyone. Do it!

To 2013, and beyond!

Women’s Agenda have compiled a list of 10 fabulous women for us to keep our feminist eyes on in 2013. I applaud their efforts to look beyond the private sector in putting the list together.

The World YWCA wants to know what young women want. Help em out by filling out their survey!

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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