Welcome to Monday ~ 6 January 2013

Summer in Fitzroy, VictoriaWelcome to 2013 feminausts! Have you made any new year resolutions? I generally don’t bother with them because I usually just end up giving myself another ‘to do’ list. However, 2012 was a pretty chaotic year for me so am hoping 2013 will be slightly calmer.

On to the links! Please don’t shoot the messenger – share, debate and shake your fist at the articles. If you’d like to respond to anything you’ve read email it through to us at info@feminaust.org.

She Who Must Not Be Named Award

As someone who has recently joined the full-time workforce, I am excited about starting my career. However, I was devastated by the stats released last week which found that female grads earn $5000 less than their male peers. And this is before THEY’VE EVEN STARTED WORKING and despite the fact that women outperform men in education. PLUS, THIS IS MORE THAN DOUBLE FROM THE LAST TIME IT WAS MEASURED.

Therefore, the Award this week goes to Anne Summers‘ article, where she reflects on the optimism in the 1980s of the narrowing gender pay gap, assesses the current state of (in)equal pay and reminds us: “Women are entitled to question why they should bother working harder, or at all, when the lifetime penalty for doing so is well over $1 million.”

Fuck this. I’m retiring.


This blog post from Nilanjana Roy was written for the young Indian woman who died from her injuries after a horrific gang rape on a bus in Delhi: “The one whose battered body stood for all the anonymous women in this country whose rapes and deaths are a footnote in the left-hand column of the newspaper.” I sobbed when I read it.

Clem Ford discusses gender bias in prison sentences for people who have murdered their intimate partners.

Go Feminists Go!

Zero at the Bone has hosted the 56th Down Under Feminists Carnival. Go forth and read all of the greatness coming out of the online Aussie/Kiwi feminist blogs. Get your submissions for the 57th DUFC in here by 5 Feb.

Hoyden About Town do a karate chop on the Alpha Myth and its associated pseudoscience.

Geek Feminism ask a very important feminist question (which I have asked myself) – why do we watch Doctor Who?

Feminists living on $35 a day

Dr Cassandra Goldie discusses the recent changes to Newstart for single parents. Newstart is now $74 below the poverty line, which is an astonishing achievement for a developed nation like Australia.

Hoyden About Town challenges Jenny Macklin to put her Newstart where her mouth is.

The OECD released a video on why gender equality is important. Disappointingly, the benefits of gender equality (particularly women’s equal access to education) are only described in economic terms.


And if we haven’t given you enough to read here, go forth to The Early Bird Catches The Worm‘s weekly round up (which you should read anyway).

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