Welcome to Monday ~ 18 March 2013

Alliance Francaise Film Festival!Hi lovely feminausts! How are you? The cool change FINALLY hit Melbourne, so I am happily sitting at my desk with socks on. Bliss. I am also wearing other clothes, by the way.

Big week – particularly as the Commission on the Status of Women (focusing on Violence Against Women) recently wrapped up in New York. It’s incredible CSW reached a conclusion, and now there’s a unified global stance on eliminating violence against women. But more on that later…

On to the links! Please share and debate, and of course we would love to receive some blog posts from you all! Also… this week I have collected a lot of articles (some may say too many), but only because I love you all so much.

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ Award

Here is UN Women’s response to recent agreement from the Commission on the Status of Women. It’s big news, because in 2003, when the Commission took up violence against women and human rights, Member States were unable to reach agreement. 

High achieving feminists


Sheryl Sandberg wrote a book and I WANT TO READ IT NOW!

Helen Razor talks about online community Destroy the Joint and what she thinks it means for the feminist movement.

The Onion pushes boundaries again, with this: Intern Just Happens To Be Beautiful 22-Year-Old Woman. Lolz.

Nicola Roxon Gets Her Own Section This Week

Nicola Roxon writes about women, demanding jobs and just generally being awesome. Well, I added that last one – love her.

Gabrielle Chan discusses Nicola Roxon’s exit from politics and how it positions her to comment on the Gillard government.

Feminist commentary

Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist gives us a reflective piece on turning 35 and motherhood.

blue milk shares a conversation she had with her gynaecologist.

From Sarah Donnelly: My boyfriend supports me financially and I feel like a bad feminist because of it.

Zac Stafford talks about how feminism made him a better gay man.

Hugo Schwyzer writes about male vanity, and why it is considered so abhorrent. Really interesting article. Made me think about the male gaze is always from a man to a woman, never from a man to himself.

Jill Meagher

The News with Nipples writes a great piece about how much detail the media is giving us about the Jill Meagher trial which is currently underway in Melbourne, and what it means for ethics in journalism.

Jane Caro also discusses the media’s treatment of Jill Meagher.

Rape and rape culture *trigger alert*

Soraya Chemaly talks about the Steubenville rape case, and concludes: We’re Sick and Tired of Rape Being Treated Like an Unavoidable Joke

Zerlina Maxwell went on FOX News this weekend and brilliantly put rape culture on blast

Mariz Tadros, at the Guardian, writes about how sexual harassment and assault is being used politically in Egypt.

bluebec has responded to comments made by Paul Mullen, Emeritus Professor of Forensic Psychiatry at Monash University, regarding preventative education targeting sex abuse.

Government and the public interest

Lauredhel at Hoyden About Town talks about the recently launched National Cultural Policy.

Melissa Wellham at Mamamia discusses safety on public transport and pink women-only train carriages.

On March 5, 2013,  at the Commission on the Status of Women 2013, the World YWCA hosted the session The Future Young Women Want: Putting women’s rights at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda with the official launch of the World YWCA report – The Future Young Women Want: A Global Call to Act.

Miranda Go talks to us about why the Pope’s gender is important. On a side note, I kept forgetting that Pope business was going on… so not an attentive global citizen at the moment.

You Want More?

Here is Geek Feminism’s latest round up.

Here is Early Bird Catches the Worm’s latest round up.

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