Welcome to Monday ~ 1 April 2013

Well behaved women rarely make historyWelcome to Easter Monday feminausts. 4-day weekends are bloody brilliant, especially when sandwiched by two 4-day weeks!

Here is a list of some fabulous feministy links for you, please share amongst your peeps and get discussions going!

And don’t forget we have a double pass to give away to a session at the All About Women event at the Sydney Opera House next weekend. For more details.

This is your regular reminder to submit to Down Under Feminists Carnival. The next edition is planned for 5 April, 2013 and will be hosted by Rebecca at Opinions @ bluebec.com.

Women and media

Ruby Hamad talks about objectification (and its real world implications) in the wake of comments made by Alex Bilmes, editor of Esquire, that women are used to decorate his magazine.

The new season of Doctor Who, which aired on ABC last night, doesn’t use a single female writer. The guardian investigates.

Can Be Bitter talks about how ‘Love Song Dedications’ is a safe space on mainstream radio for LGBTQ listeners (which is refreshing!).

Helen Mirren is awesome.

Sheryl Sandberg

The guardian writes about how Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, is perpetuating the “good girl” myth.

Dissent Magazine looks at what Sheryl Sandberg’s new book has to do with the company she leads: ‘The question then is: how is it that Facebook, a company primarily interested in technical development, came in 2013 to need a feminist platform?’

Myth busting

Lindy West at Jezebel does us all proud with a great article dismantling the common myth that feminism equals hating men.

Hoyden About Town give us a short but highly effective piece on rape prevention.

Accidental Devotional writes about how she accidentally taught her class not to rape, and what that means for how we engage young people in discussions about consent and sexuality. It’s a moving post.

Australian politics

Gay Alcorn reflects on the role of Australia’s mainstream media in the government’s ‘credibility gap’ with the Australian public. It’s refreshing to see a journalist open up discussion on the role of the media in Australia politics.

An oldie but a goodie from Helen Razor, discussing same sex marriage and the carbon tax.


Andie Fox discusses the debate that’s been raging about feminism and the Retro Wife debate. She looks at the role of caring and mothering in our economy, the political nature of the ‘stay-at-home-mum’ debate and what does this mean for the feminist movement. I heartily recommend it.

No Place For Sheep writes about the diverse ways in which families gather and function (and bicker!).

Women and public life

Fresh from Egypt: Is the Brotherhood feigning a feud with the women’s council?

Here is an article by Janet D. Stemwedel which looks at the Adria Richards and PyCon debacle, and the nature of victim blaming and public shaming.

No surprises here: FIFA sexist and slow on reform claims only female board member.

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