$849,000 disadvantage

At feminaust, we often get unsolicited emails asking us to publish this or that or pay lots of money for better search engine results and much more. Occasionally however we get some really welcome unsolicited mail, like the free passes to exciting events that IsBambi hands out occasionally and infographics like the one below. Please be aware the content is US based and like I said, it was sent in an unsolicited email so any connections, advertisement, benefits that might come from us publishing it to any commercial entity are entirely plausible and we are not a part of them. We still think it’s worth sharing though. xx

savings infographic

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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

5 thoughts on “$849,000 disadvantage

  1. It’s sad that a woman gets paid less than a man for the same job. But not all on this sheet are bad – for example 5+ statistical years of life (and even more in case of war – there are many 80+ women in Poland, but very little men…) and 2 years off work (I’d be fired on the spot if I did such a thing) are very, very good.

    In Poland, the maternal leave is fully paid for, and the mother can’t be fired (which is good). My office colleague is pregnant and she will have the next full year off, with full expenses.

    Still, I’m all for equalizing wages (seriously), with additional paternal leaves.

    • You can have my 5 extra years if it means I get to live what life I have in prosperity instead of poverty. And parental leave isn’t a holiday, it can be the toughest years of any persons life. Trivialising wage parity with statements like this only seeks to weaken gender equity debates.

      • I was trivializing wage parity with statements like these? Really?

        Do you know I’m actually on a 3-year long therapy and constant doze of antidepressants largely due to overworking in my last place of work? This depression alone cuts my future lifespan a lot (look it up please), in addition of being a man. I’d gladly take your extra 5 years of life if it was possible… So do not trivialize the shorter life span of men – it means I’ll DIE a lot earlier than an average woman, and my overall health before that will be also much worse to boot.

        I stated (twice) in no uncertain terms that it’s bad that there isn’t wage parity. All people should get paid based on their contribution only, period. Not their gender, skin color or meekness (I am a meek guy myself, and on average I earn less than more enterprising colleagues, despite my great personal investment). But please don’t manipulate your “gender debate” by saying that it’s bad that women live longer and therefore pay more money.

      • (continued here because I had issues with too small editing window)

        Actually, I’m trying to help you by pointing out that most people *will* have problems with that graph. In additional to real problems (like wage disparity based on gender) you present problems which aren’t them (longer life span and generally better health, both are correlated). You weakened the debate by yourself in this way.

        Yet you only see that I “trivialize” and “weaken gender equity debate”. I am not. I just point out weak and logically deficient cases you made – just like I would in any debate. How many times must I write that I am AGAINST wage disparity? I also have a mother and a sister and an ex who was underpaid due to being a female. I just say that living longer is a good thing (then you just die). Most of old men (80+) in Poland are dead because they died in WWII during their prime. I don’t think they would prefer to be dead at 20 than be alive and poor at 80. They’re not trivial, they’re DEAD.

  2. Also, wage disparity is bad because most people forget it affects also men. How?

    If a woman earns less, and is in a household with a man and children (who are statistically 50% men), the entire household has less money on their disposal. My ex was severely underpaid, and while we were together, the burden of making the money was shifted on me in effect (which is partly to be responsible on my health issues now, I wouldn’t be such an workaholic if the situation was different). So the lesser wages of a female are a problem for the entire society.

    I’m not saying that females should be dependent economically on men – by all means, they have all rights to be rewarded for their work based only on merit, and be self-sufficient. All I’m saying is that I do UNDERSTAND from personal perspective the problems of women being underpaid, even if I am a man. And I’m far from trivializing the issue, because I know how serious can it be, and how can it impact the lives.

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