Welcome to Monday! ~ 29th April 2013

8271136629_e002a0ecbf_zAnother Welcome to Monday, another month down. Another month closer to the feminaust 2013 Christmas (Island) in July Party!!!!!!!! We will be releasing more information and invites to this very exciting event in the coming weeks, looking for sponsors and encouraging you and all your friends to attend. You can sign up for regular updates by clicking on the “events” section of the feminaust Facebook page.

Meanwhile I’m in trouble because I forgot my welcome to Monady duties last fortnight :/ and am LATE again this week but I do have a good excuse… kinda. On Thursday I had an old horse drawn cart delivered to my girlfriend’s house and I’m not rabidly stripping all the paint back, WD-40ing all the rusted bolts and throwing away crappy wood sections that are not original and are crappy. I’m hoping by the end of winter to have a) a sparkly new restored sulky to prance about the place in and b) a pony that can happily drive it. Talking of ponies, on to the linkity links xxxxx

Pony Award

This weeks Pony Award goes to a simple article about transphobia in feminism. An unfortunate but regularly seen part of certain communities of feminists. On Friday I was interviewed by an RMIT academic (and yes I might get quoted in a book swearing!!!) about online activism and young women and feminism and one of my key points was that I had no time for exclusionary behaviour or one-up-person-ship in feminism. I think the question of how to include all people including trans women (and trans men for that matter) in feminism is actually a really simple to answer one. Just do it.

Any assumption that cisgender women are the only true women is a blatant form of bigotry. And honestly, it’s in direct violation of Feminism 101. After all, Simone De Beauvoir said more than half a century ago “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

Feministing in Australia

Servicewoman fights for her right to wear her medals proudly.

Humans are destroying the joint, literally. Thanks to THREE friends who forwarded this one on to me. Don’t forget to look back at my Welcome to Eco Thursday from a few months ago about feminism and the environment.

Jane Caro on her new book Destroying the Joint: why women have to change the world.

The reality of living on a percentage of the lowest dole payment available in Australia. No money for even a bed despite being seven months pregnant. Is this how we treat the most needy in our society? In July feminaust will be hosting a party to support the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre’s Material Aid program. Stay tuned for how you can help support the people the government wants us to forget.

Did you know Australia has a Workplace Gender Equality Agency?! I didn’t. But it looks AWESOME!

If you’re in Camberra you can hear WILPF and YWCA women talking about attending CSW last month.

Do the CEDA women in leadership survey. It ends on Friday.

Feministing around the world

Five Canadian high schools will offer gender studies thanks to a bunch of determined women. Whoop!

The next Dalai Lama could be a woman! Sadly, the current Dalai Lama’s reasoning has to do with a belief in biological sex difference eg: compassion and caring, which feminaust does not support. Let’s just hope we get a female Dalai Lama who is both compassionate and a strong leader for the Tibetan people and Buddhism around the world.

“I think [it would be] good because you see, biologically, female[s] have more potential to develop affection or love to other [sic],” the Dalai Lama told Newman. “Some scientists, they tested two person, one male, one female looking at one sort of movie. Female [was] more sensitive: response is much stronger. So therefore…now we are 21st century…female have more potential so should take more active role regarding promotion of human compassion [all sic].”

Men in Iran are protesting restrictive ideas of masculinity and femininity by photographing themselves dressed in women’s clothes! After a man was punshined by being forced to parade through down wearing women’s clothing many Kurdish men have stood up to say, “being a woman is not a way for punishment or humiliation”.

Arguments about the hijab and whether it’s oppressive or empowering are the wrong arguments. We should be fighting for the right to autonomous choice, not demanding that one or other other option is best.

In Timor-Leste communities unite to end family violence.

Saudi Arabia unveils its first anti-family violence campaign.

Entertainment and women

A break down of the treatment of women in entertainment media.

The good, the bad and the ugly of gendered life

High working hours is a key reason working mothers are being pushed out of the workforce.

The gendered nature of shame.

Great research into the non-existance of personality difference based on sex.


Sex work activism. An interview with an activist against abolisionism and policies that hurt more than they help.

A new breed of activists, the “taking-over-domain-names kind”. The Australian Christian Lobby’s domain name ownership expired and the Australian Cat Ladies pounced!

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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