Welcome to Tuesday ~ 11 June 2013

MsElouise and IsBambi gearing up for Women Deliver

Welcome to Tuesday! Yes, even feminausts take public holidays. Here is a collection of links to help ease you back into the working week. Apologies for missing Welcome to Monday last week, we were easing back into Melbourne life (and when I say we, I mean me) after the craziness of Women Deliver.

She Who Must Not Be Named Award

If you’re a woman, non-gender binary, or genderqueer person writer or reader of speculative fiction, Amanda at Pickled Think has your back. She rants, swears and is making a hell of a noise. 

Women and the economy (thanks to blue milk for leading me to all of these links)

Stephanie Cootz writes at the New York Times about the gender pay gap and the impact of motherhood on women’s wages. (hot tip: it’s not good).

In 1961, Phyllis Richman applied to graduate school at Harvard. She received a letter asking how she would balance a career in city planning with her “responsibilities” to her  husband and possible future family. Fifty-two years later, she responds.

Jeremy Adam Smith asks are ‘old gender roles obsolete in new economy?’

blue milk responds to Jane Gilmore (who had responded to her article about paid parental leave).

Women role models and trail blazers!

Early Bird Catches the Worm discusses part 2 of Paper Giants

A Life Unexamined introduces us to her favourite feminist in (fantasy) fiction, Kelandry of Mindelan by Tamora Pierce.

Lakshmi Puri is UN Women’s acting Executive Director, here’s an interview!

For those of you who love Hilary Clinton, she said this:

“I was then, as I am now, such a fashion icon,” Clinton deadpanned. She even pitched a reality show called “Project Pantsuit.”

Go here to see her say it.

Misogyny and sexism

Ideologically Impure has a fucking awesome rant about the Rebecca Kamm article in the Herald. Totes brillo.

Lindy West (from Jezebel) argued that rape jokes contribute to “comedy not being a welcoming place for women”, this is how everyone responded.

Hadley Freeman (at the Guardian) talks about ‘checking your privilege’.

Jessica Valenti writes about sinking to the Trolls’ level, and how feministing dealt with harassment: If someone was thoughtless enough to message us from a easily-tracked e-mail address, we outed them.

All things good in the world

61st Down Under Feminist Carnival is up at Hoyden About Town!

World YWCA Human Rights Harlem Shake. Yes.



Yes, this is completely ridiculous but apparently scientists are apprehensive about making a libido-enhancing drug for women – incase the turn women into nymphos.

Clementine Ford asks if male desire is a woman’s responsibility.

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