Welcome to Monday! ~ 17th June 2013

scuba fish identificationI’m back from Malaysia where I got to do awesome things like scuba with turtles and give a baby elephant a bath! But also met fellow feminist bloggers from Feministing, Feministe and Gender Across Borders at a beach bar on an island! Oh yeh, we feminists are everywhere. Here you can see me being an advanced scuba diver feminaust with my fish identification board. Super advanced right?!

Anyway, onto the linkity links and what a lovely load of links there are!

Pony Award

This week goes not to an article but to a person on whom many articles have been written this week. Julia Gillard. Not always our most popular lady but by golly gosh she has taken the sexism bull by the horns and is proceeding to spin it about above her head. Whether this results in goodness or badness remains to be seen but as far as I’m concerned, any woman capable of picking up a bull by its horns deserves some recognition for awesomeness.

Julia Gillard: what she’s said, what’s been said about her and other fun from this week

Ok, so the reality is that Ms Gillard has done some cool stuff as PM

Liberal Party fundraiser takes aim at Labour figures but really manages to miss the mark with their choice of menu description for the Gillard main course. Whoever thought that a) this was an appropriate way to describe ANY woman in the world and b) that it wouldn’t get out and cause a shitstorm needs to be fired from whatever role they currently perform and made to attend some sort of “human being” training.

Gillard is right to put gender on the agenda according to Leslie Cannold, and she knows lots of stuff.

Women on Women for Gillard. The opinions of three women on whether women should support Gillard because she’s a woman!


Anne Summers on the facts on federal abortion policy

Public Life

Socceroos coach an idiot and says “women should shut up in public”…. oh but it was a joke, so we should all get over it.

Should Brough be disendorsed over the Gillard Menu item event?

Sign a petition to support the man who outed the Stubenville rapists. He’s at risk of facing a longer prison term than the rapists themselves.

Our legal system let us down, but more tragically it let Jill Meagher down.

Who gets asked for their “expert opinion” by journalists the most… big surprise! it’s men!

Debenhams (a department store in the UK) has banned the use of photoshop and airbrushing in their advertisements and calls on other retailers to do the same. WHOOP!

Hottest 100 of All Time

Clementine Ford asks whether we should be angry about the lack of women artists in the top 100 countdown.

Money Money Money

Women have made some gains under Labour but also plenty of losses.

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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