Welcome to Monday! ~ 29th July 2013

christmas treeThis was the beginning and by the end we had PILES of PADS overflowing all over the Bella Union in Melbourne.

Yes last Thursday was Christmas (Island) in July and it was a huge success!!! If you didn’t manage to make it and you still want to donate pads, tampons or reusable menstrual products, please email us at info@feminaust.org for a postal address or just drop into the ASRC in West Melbourne to hand over the goods. Feel free to tell them it’s in aid of the feminaust padraiser too 😉

Unfortauntely I had to leave the event early so I could go sit next to this person… photo (3)and hear her speak. I also got to hand her some shamelessly self promoting material about EDITH and the person whose hair you can see in the forground is an ASRC board director!!!! Crazy world eh?!

Anyway, onto the links. Late as usual and probably a little on the light side but it’s been a busy time chez feminaust recently. xxx

Pony Award

After all our oooh and ahhhing over all the huge piles of pads and tampons we raised last week, lets now attach another kind of liner for another kind of natural bodily function that involves fluid and the crotchal area. Panty Liners for Sweaty Crotch During Heavy Exercise!!!!!!!!! Yes, they exist and apparently they’re designed because women love to sweat, they just don’t want anyone to know they’re doing it….. [logic failure alert]. Anyway, the good news is that Sammy J has daughters and cares about women not hanging out with arseholes who care whether they have sweat patches covering their love patches. So he wrote a funny song about it which wins the pony award for this week.

And the winner of the POO HEAD Award is Kevin Rudd and his new policy to screw everyone of their human rights.

A look at the impact of sending vulnerable women to PNG

PNGs reaction to the plan

I wrote to my local member (who is Labor) to urge him to publicly condemn the plan but strangely I haven’t heard back from him.

Don’t forget you can rally against the plan. Do a facebook search or an internet search for your nearest, nextest rally. If you’re in Melbourne it’s this one

Judgey Judge Time

We pardon the men who beat, rape, pay but not the women who take it.

People are awesome

And women do awesome shit.1005654_10151605546902408_116035260_n

And sometimes men say awesome shit. This time it’s Ken Lay explaining clearly the link between casual sexism and gender based violence.

But even so, men and women doing the same awesome shit get paid differently.

Feminist David Pocock, by David Pocock himself and a friend of mine.

What we can learn from the awesome female graduates out there.

Tutu announces he can’t worship a homophobic god. Bless him!

Recently Australian politicians have been epically UN-awesome

Nothing to do with feminism but I’m really over tired and need to smile.

318 Corgis on a beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday! ~ 29th July 2013

    • Hi Scarlett! Thanks for letting us know, and an even bigger thanks for forwarding on your donation. I was so pleased to see so many women rally around this cause!!! Hopefully see you at the next feminaust event 🙂 isbambi

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