Welcome to Monday ~ 19 August 2013

This election campaign is getting depressing. What we need now is a cat in beanie and glasses.

This election campaign is getting depressing. What we need now is a cat in beanie and glasses.

Welcome to Monday dear feminausts!

Well, the federal election campaign is slowly wearing down the souls of each and every Australian. The policies get more ridiculous and, in the case of asylum seekers, cruel. The Tony Abbott gaffes and the Kevin Rudd selfies just keep on coming.

In election-campaign-spirit – the She Who Must Not Be Named Award goes to this piece from Mike Carlton which appears to be quoting T.Abbott verbatim. Not unsurprising but still very scary. Putting it in its broader context is Ed Butler, who has written a fantastic piece about Tony Abbott’s ‘gaffes’ and how they are part of a trend (his sexist, I love the 1950s, trend) – and that we should all be very afraid. 

Confessions of a Stuffed Olive talks about intersectionality and feminism, and how non-intersectional feminism just perpetuates patriarchal power structures within the movement.


If Disney Princesses had instragram, this is what their feed might look like…

FactCheck look into the Christian Democrats’ claim that same-sex couples are awash with cash, while hetero couples are ‘the most oppressed Australians in our economy’. It’s bullshit, obviously.

Geek Feminism have a fantastic round up too!

Women and Men Both Ask for Flex Time at Work. Guess Who Gets It?

Jalees Rehman explores why there’s no male pill yet, and when we could expect it. Interesting discussion overall and well worth a read but I was annoyed to read the evaluation of how seriously we should take side effects (more seriously for men, obviously) and the assertion that perhaps men deserve ‘tailored’ contraception (what about the ladies?).

Cricketer Sarah Elliott scored her century between breastfeeds

“Straight Male Gamer” told to ‘get over it’ by BioWare – It’s refreshing to see someone promoting equality and respect – and not bowing to male privilege – who isn’t traditionally associated with the equality movement.

Apparently straight men are boycotting marriage because us ladies be cray-cray.

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday ~ 19 August 2013

  1. Is Mike Carlton’s article real at all? This seems crazy!

    Also the Ed Butler article… You know I don’t think a dude can make the determination whether Abbott is mysogynist or sexist, that really annoyed me!

    Thank you so much for the weekly updates. This week our political parties are really regressing intellectually and really present themselves as thugs.


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