Welcome to Tuesday! ~ 10th September 2013

vote-for-women-513435c7ef01cPony Award

The Pony Award this week goes to year 11 young Australian woman Olympia Nelson who has slammed the federal Governments new cybersafety campaign which seeks to freak out teenagers and permanently lock them in a prison of fear. Awesome.

New Government

An Open Letter to Tony Abbott about carbon and energy policy (edited by MsElouise on behalf of her brother).

One woman in the top three of Abbott’s frontbench and then you have to scroll past 15 white male faces before you hit another woman. FAIL.

Plus, that woman is Sophie Mirrabella, not a guaranteed MP after independent Cathy McGowan ran a stunning grassroots campaign and is tipped to topple her at the last.

Twitter voices its opinion on the status of women under an Abbott government.

In good news Nova Peris was elected as the first Indigenous woman in Federal Parliament!

The Woman Problem

RUNNERS FACE. BE AFRAID. Or just appalled. My mum is a runner and at 62 is running half marathons and other pretty significant distances regularly. Yes, her face is pretty fat free but dammit running makes her feel strong and confident and competent and I won’t let some stupid made up “problem” stand in the way of that. It’s as bad as that crotch sweat pantyliner thing. Honestly, when are we going to stop making women feel bad about being strong and doing shit.

Here’s a list of problem women. AWESOME problem wome who are making politics almost palatable again.

Love her or hate her, problem woman Helen Razer is saying stuff and mostly it’s stuff we haven’t heard before or haven’t heard in quite this way. Whether you agree or disagree it’s always great to hear women say actual stuff.

The problem of fictional strong women. Other than that they’re fictional, is that the hatred and venom that misogynists want to toss at them, instead is tossed at their actoresses etc. Eg: Skyler White from Breaking Bad

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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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