The feminaust Christmas present list!

Christmas Cats - Tuija2005

Christmas Cats – Tuija2005

Christmas is an awful time of year as a consumer. There’s so much pressure to buy everyone you’ve ever met a present, and there’s also the very practical pressure to not spend your life savings doing so. So, if you are going to buy people gifts, we’ve put together a list which allow your dollars to also go to a good place as well as make someone in your life a wee bit happier (cos who doesn’t love receiving presents)!

To get you in the mood, Catherine Deveny provides a good introduction to refreshing our approach to gift giving.

And before you organise your gifts for the people already in your life, send a message of hope to women in domestic violence crisis this Christmas and make a New Day Box. Find out how here.

If you’re keen to support feminaust, think about buying a special lady in your life a Mooncup – it’s great for the earth, her body and her wallet. Any funds raised through purchases via this link will be directed to supporting young feminists and their awesome ideas.

Ethical Gift Guides 

Daily Life has a good guide of gender neutral toys for kids

This article details the Intentionalists’ Gift Guide, and includes presents which contribute to sustainability and positive living.

Birdee gives us an ethical Christmas gift guide

Checking it Twice is a free service helping you find great Christmas gifts that are better for the planet, people and animals.

And to increase your smug levels once you start doling out your fabulous feminist presents, here is a list of the 10 most pretentious gifts ever.


Ok, so it’s due for publication in Feb (sorry Santa) but this book should be on your radar anyway: Cycling to Grandma’s House is a new children’s book to empower families and schools to educate children about menstruation in a positive, safe and open way. Learn more about the Crimson Movement here.

Amazing Babes is a beautiful picture book dedicated to celebrating the diversity and power of women’s achievements in recent history.

You may not agree with the selection, but Elle has provided a list of 15 books that changed women forever. Overall it’s a good list to pluck some feminist book-present ideas from!


Already featured at feminaust, get your feminist killjoy tshirts here.

Future PM’ Tshirt – Every young woman needs this inspirational tshirt in her wardrobe (sizes 6-12). Tshirts have been endorsed by the NoSweatShop Campaign.

The Global Women’s Project has some sweet tshirts too – the funds of which will go to empowering women through education.

Ultrafeminist hessian tote

Q: What do you buy for a feminist who has everything?

A: An ultra-feminist bag from the Victorian Women’s Trust!

The new VWT hessian totes are only $15 (plus postage) with all proceeds directly supporting the work of VWT. To arrange your purchase call (03) 9642 0422 or email

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