Review: Geraldine Quinn in ‘MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt’



Down under the looming behemoth that is the Melbourne City Town Hall there’s a room usually set aside for staff to have lunch in, but one hour every night of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is transformed into a one-woman storm of musical comedy prowess. Don’t be fooled though. This isn’t the usual style of pun-filled folk tunes about the habits of strangers on the 86 tram. Instead Geraldine Quinn takes you on a rock fuelled ride with a 30-something woman fighting to define herself outside the socially expected paradigm of ‘married with kids’.

Don’t for a second think that she hates kids or their parents though. Much of the story-telling in between the striding rock ballads is about the love she has for her parents, siblings and her nieces and nephews. While she is open about her drinking, being the black sheep of the family and Facebook baby photo fatigue, many of the gems come from very wise advice that only ‘crazy Aunt Geenie’ could give – like don’t put your vagina on the internet.

A word of warning though. This might be a comedy festival show, but it really packs an emotional punch along the way as GQ’s façade as an angry feminist railing against Australian society’s expectations gives way to something far more complex and important. That she’s a human being that loves her family very much and is just trying to make the world a better place to live in, one hour of entertainment at a time.

If you like your comedy emotionally intelligent, you can see Geraldine Quinn Tuesday to Saturday at 7:15pm, and Sunday’s at 6:15pm at the Lunch Room in the Melbourne Town Hall.

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