Welcome to Monday ~ 5 May 2014

photo (1)Welcome to Monday dear feminausts. There’s been quite a bit floating around ye ol’ cyberspace this week – I hope I’ve managed to catch most of it. Keep yourselves nice and warm this week – winter is approaching! And yes… that is a photo of my cat.

On to the links…

Save women’s homelessness services in Sydney!!

Call on the Commonwealth Government to do something about the high rates of domestic violence in Australia. (A Fair Agenda campaign)

Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist talks about the diversity of views on Constitutional Recognition in the Indigenous community, and why mainstream Australia isn’t hearing about it.

The Commission of Audit report was released last week. It’s too depressing. We shall speak no more of it.

Clare Wright takes out the Stella prize for her book The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, about the contribution of women in the Eureka Stockade (here’s a hint… they did more than just sew the flag). 

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has spoken out on the fact that Australia has gone backwards on women in politics

Fran Hayes writes on the fcollective that the proposed amendment to the Racial Discrimination Act also means the Sex Discrimination Act could be under threat too.

An oldie but a goodie (and I think they only posted 21)… 22 Australian Women Who Will Inspire The Hell Out Of You

Scarlett Woman has a fab new website, and an excellent weekly round up.

What Having Your Period Feels Like According To Women (And Two Men)… what would yours look like?

Confessions of a Stuffed Olive gives us something delightful… catching up with old friends.

The Language of Dude Feminism

The White House Just Released an Anti-Sexual Assault Video

Jessica Valenti: Feminists aren’t ‘man-haters’ – we just don’t like men who are sexist


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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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