Welcome to Fringe Thursday ~ 9th October 2014

Women-are-very-funny_o_104824Well the Melbourne Fringe Festival has been and gone and all the comics and cabareters and tragic clowns and singers and film makers and all the rest have gone back to whatever it is that they do when they’re not on stage (coz we all know that most entertainers have to have “real” jobs as well). I’ve been lucky this year, most years I attend a few shows, mostly of artists I already know and love and have a nice time and go home. But this year, due to some expantion of my social network and some lovely invitations from fans of feminaust I got to be introduced to a whole bunch of new artists or artists I knew of but had never seen perform. And bestest of all was that many of these performers were awesome women doing awesome things and being very funny.

The debate about whether or not women are funny is an old and boring one that I really just couldn’t be arsed getting into coz lets be honest. They are funny. Not all of them. But lots of them. And so there we go. Debate over. Now on for the links! Some of the female performers feminaust has seen at this and other Fringe events.

Candy Bowers. Not at this years event but feminaust saw her a few years ago and thought (and still think) that she was AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!

Nicolette Minster. New for us and OH SO Charming! feminaust saw her Fringe show Inanimately this year and loved the sexy, self depricating and incredible clever storytelling delivered with exceptional physical and intellectual comic timing.

feminaust was invited to Wham Bam but we ran out of time so missed it but it looks like it was awesome so it deserves a mention.

A Four Eyed Guide to the Galaxy (editors admission: I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THIS CHICK!!!). So awesome.

Girls AND boys in this show but it was also the funniest and scariest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN. So if it comes back or travels to your town. Please do yourself a favour and go see Watson: Who’s afraid of the dark?

Listen out for the Castanets. No castanets but a five minute story that takes fifty minutes to tell and makes you wet yourself a little bit along the way (editors admission: another one that I’m not willing to write in capitals just yet but just know I know this laydee so there might be conflict and stuff).

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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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