The Edna Ryan Awards 2014

10814374_10202086783930866_444405036_nThe Edna Ryan Awards…a feminist event not to be missed, held annually since 1998 to honour a great and much loved feminist activist. Edna Ryan ( b 1904 – d 1997 ) was a passionate advocate for equality and workers’ rights. After her death a group of friends set up the Awards to honour her memory and to encourage women to continue her work.

Awards are given to women of NSW or ACT who have made a feminist difference in their own area of work, expertise, or interests. The women nominated do not have to be famous, just passionate and involved in bettering society for women. Many quiet achievers are put forward to the Ednas Committee. The awards rely completely on the feminist community sending in nominations.

2014 EDNA Awards :


Hawzin Azeez, a Kurdish refugee who created “The Middle Eastern Feminist” Facebook page

Zoya Patel the editor-in-chief of “Lip Magazine” and creator of the “Feminartsy” website.


Bronwyn Culling, a WIPAN mentor and role model

Lin Cooper who devoted 26 years to the “Lillian Howell Project” supporting victims of family violence


Roxanne McMurray who stands up for the most vulnerable through countless feminist organisations

The Bush Lemons, a bush walking support group for lesbians.


Marian Baird a feminist scholar who initiated the “Women and Work Research Group”

Marilyn Forsythe, president of Business and Professional Women Australia who fought for the “Equal Pay Day Campaign”.


Kate Rowe an international advocate and organiser of women’s cycling and gay sports


Vee Malnar the “Mampalooza Arts Festival” founder

Maeve Marsden the creator of “Lady Sings it Better” tackling ingrained sexism head on.

Community Activism

McKenzie Raymond a feminist community activist extraordinaire with her “Free the Nipple Campaign”

The Lillian Howell Project which provides services to young women, survivors of sexual abuse and family violence.

Grand Stirrer

photo.phpDorothy McRae McMahon, a feminist trailblazer since the 1970s and lesbian Minister of the Uniting Church who continues to stand up for justice for women in this male dominated domain.

The Grand Stirrer is a special award for someone who through her life, her work, and her activism, has influenced and inspired others to make a feminist difference in society.

You can read more about the Awards and these fabulous women on the Edna webpage or on the Edna Ryan Awards Facebook page.

As you read this about the Edna Ryan Awards I am sure you can think of women you know who are making a feminist difference. Keep them in mind and send in your nomination next year!

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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