Welcome to Monday! ~ 18th May 2015

IDAHOT-2015-meme6-150x150Happy IDAHO/IDAHOT/IDAHOBIT!

I’m sure the acronym will just keep growing and growing as we recognise more groups and individuals who fit into our welcoming embrace (I hope). But in the meantime, I hope you’re celebrating in some form and kicking all social phobias in the butt just a little more today.

This weeks links are different to other links. They’re different because I want your money so I’m dedicating this entire link love to getting it. I don’t want it for myself, I don’t even want it for feminaust. I want it for someone I’ve never met and yet believe really deserves it. It’s also not the last time I’ll ask for it and it’s not the last person I’ll ask for it for but for this time Diana still needs your support getting to World Council. To help illustrate why feminaust is so keen on this campaign I’m going to link you to a few old articles from the feminaust archives as well as articles written by others from other places about why World Council is so important to the development of incredible young activists and advocates, changemakers and troublemakers.

All the following articles were written by young feminausts who attended World Council 2011 in Zurich Switzerland and were inspired in some way by the events and activities they were included in there.

Women, Peace and Security.

Voting at World Council; Empowering or Confusing?

Waking up to your sexual and reproductive health and rights.

A love letter to Abigail Disney

One step closer to the post-patriarchy; redefining professionalism.

Cairo 678; Movie Review.

The articles that follow here were written for other publications about World Council and the YWCA movement in general;

The long road to empowerment

This is how we do it: Celebrating World YWCA Day

The role of women in politics and public policy

My visit to YWCA Malaysia

My Body. Your Right?

The future young women and girls deserve and demand.

An open letter to senior women at the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Change is possible. From pessimism to optimism.

Pacific Young Women’s Transformational Leadership Consultation.

Young women at YWCA Solomon Islands making change.

Y Intergenerational Leadership?: YWCA Solomon Islands’ Feminist Rights Based Approach to Young Women, Power and Equality
Still not convinced that helping Diana to get to World Council won’t just be a small good deed but may well change the future of disability advocacy in Solomon Islands? Well. I’m not sure how else to try so one last time. Every little bit counts, I will ask again and will ask for more and for another participant because I DO believe in the power of supporting young women to make changes in their own communities and bringing isolated individuals together with other activists and changemakers can make all the difference. So I hope you forgo your morning coffee tomorrow and sling $4 to Diana instead.


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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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