Review ~ Wild Bore, Sydney Festival Jan 24-28 2018

Image courtesy of Sydney Festival

I’m a pretty lucky feminaust. my partner works in broadcasting and is a performer so I get to see a lot of awesome shows for little or not money and on the whole, they’re fabulous. I also often get to meet the performers afterwards, generally speaking, I live in a privileged world where I see great art and performance and I love it, I also take it for granted a lot. I work long hours and my work is far from the city so I spend a lot of time driving. For a long time my work was also drawn out well outside of business hours and getting home after 8pm was far from unusual. It’s not so bad anymore but I still work a lot and hard and it’s not unusual for me to get home and just want to cuddle on the couch with my puppies and a glass or five of wine. TV is so good these days with streaming and the ABC killing it with Australian content, it takes a lot to get me up again and out the door with clothes on to see a show. I’ve also been known to forget my partner has told me she has tickets to something so it’s not unusual for me to get home already to pyjama-up and be reminded that we’re going out.

Big Fat Grumpy Face.

On the occasion we saw Wild Bore, this was absolutely the case. I just wanted to work on my couch bum and make a dint in a good bottle of red but my partner was insistent. She had friends in this show, it was a Friday night, we had no commitments the next morning, I was not sick, I had no excuses. And I’m so so SO glad that is the case because this show is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever seen. And you, my dear feminausts, are going to agree 100%. 

If you’re reading this website then you’re a feminist (or you’re a troll who spends their time trawling the internet for things you disagree with, in which case, fuck off, we don’t care), anyway, if you’re here, you’re feminist so you’ll love this show. Not just because it’s by three women, about three women, staring three women, or because the props and set are amazing, or because it makes you think and rethink and re-rethink what you though it was all about to begin with but because it’s funny and it speaks a little bit to all of us.

Essentially the show is about being reviewed, as a performer. It’s about art critique and how utterly absurd a process it can be, because as we all know, “everyone’s a critic!”. The three performers share with us some of their most least favourite reviews and it’s impossible not to laugh and cry at the absurdity…until the show becomes truly absurd.

Art criticism is a real and valuable thing that we should embrace and encourage, but when the critic fails to comprehend even the most simple elements of the performance (which happens far too often in my experience) it becomes a bit of a farce. It’s a powerful position to be in, having your opinion on someone else’s art published for all to see in reputable publications (and some less reputable publications – eg: Facebook comment threads). It’s impossible to remove the racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist and every other ist and phobia that we see all to often in the world from the role of critic and everyone brings all those ideas, values and preconceptions with them, often to their detriment. And all to often, the people with the power are the people least prepared to abandon this old world wisdom.

So Adrienne Truscott, Ursula Martinez and Zoe Coombs-Marr have turned the tables, and themselves and are taking apart the criticism before your eyes. Doesn’t sound appealing? Well, it’s what they’ve done with it that makes it great. It’s almost like they were let loose in the props cupboard at a local high school and given $50 to spend at the supermarket and the rest of the time they sat together and turned their experiences and frustrations into something absurd, energetic, challenging and just plain fun.

If you like art, comedy, women and good, hard, belly laughs (after the show Zoe Coombs-Marr told me she could hear me specifically laughing heartily (I have a laugh like a Santa Claus)) then this show will tick all your boxes.

Be ready to be surprised though. ***** Five Stars from us.

This performance contains full frontal nudity, coarse language and strobe lighting. Recommended for ages 18+.

Wild Bore is playing at CARRIAGEWORKS, BAY 20, 245 WILSON STREET EVELEIGH 2015
27 JANUARY AT 2.30PM & 6.45PM
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