A survey reveals that 54.7% of wages in the United States have not kept up with inflation; Men are 33.3% more likely than women to have a CPI that matches their salary

The results indicate that Americans earn less in relative terms than before the pandemic; Women worse off than men

NEW YORK, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new survey by SophisticatedInvestor.com of 3,002 American adults found that 54.7% of American workers did not see their hourly wages or wages match the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the standard measure of consumer inflation.

This major national survey indicates that rising inflation levels have resulted in an effective reduction in wages for the majority of American employees. This is especially true for women, who were found to be 33.3% less likely to see their wages match inflation compared to their male counterparts.

Survey question and results

The investigation asked a nationally representative, weighted sample of 3,002 American adults the following question:

Has your salary or hourly wage kept up with inflation?

The results showed that all demographic groups surveyed, across all age and gender categories, are seeing their paychecks eroded by inflation. Mid- and advanced-career employers aged 45 to 54 were, in fact, the most likely to report that their wages were exceeded by inflation (65.6%), while the youngest age cohort ( 18 to 24) was the least likely (43.8%).

Although no significant geographic trend lines were found in the data, results based on gender were significant. The disparity between male and female respondents suggests that women may experience economic hardship more often and to a greater degree than men.


The survey was designed and published by SophisticatedInvestor.com, a free personal finance education website. Responses were collected from a nationally representative sample, covering all states in the United Statesover a period of 72 hours between July 11 and July 13, 2022and were published on July 19.

Writer and analyst Liam Chaseone of the study’s authors, commented on the significance of the findings:

“These survey results indicate that the majority of the American workforce is seeing their effective income reduced by year-over-year inflation. At a time when housing unaffordability and the cost of are accelerating at a rapid pace, these data are of particular concern.

This is especially true for women, who according to this survey are more affected by inflation than men. Gender-based discrimination and systemic barriers to raises and promotions can play a role in preventing women from increasing their salaries at the same rate as men. »

See the full study results at:

https://sophisticatedinvestor.com/july-2022-national-survey-54-7-of-americans-falling-behind-due-to-inflation-men-33-3-more-likely-to-have-their- salary-keep-the-pace-as-women/

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