feminaust  is a collective of contemporary Australian feminists dedicated to developing and maintaining an inclusive and robust community of women and men who believe in the central principle that women deserve equal treatment, access and opportunity for the benefit of all people…. and like to talk, debate, sometimes argue and always passionately live this principle.

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As founders and editors of this site, IsBambi and MsElouise have both agreed on the content guidelines for feminaust and we wanted to share these with you. Anyone wanting to contribute to feminaust will need to adhere to feminaust’s aims and content guidelines.

There is enough hate and oppression out there in the real world – we don’t need any extra of it here! While we can’t guarantee a completely safe space on feminaust, we can strive for an accountable space. Though we love differences of opinion, there’s a way to disagree respectfully and thoughtfully. We expect civility, respect, and patience for your fellow readers and for this space – please remember that we are all here to grow and learn from each other.

The aims / objectives of feminaust are to:

• Encourage and provide a platform for emerging, new and young feminist voices.
• Provide a safe, supportive environment for feminists, pro-feminists and feminist-curious-ists.
• Provide a place for thoughtful analysis of contemporary feminist issues.
• Allow for a diverse range of feminist voices, a place for disagreement and different opinions to be aired in a calm, constructive way.
• Provide a platform to support the Australian feminist community in all its various forms.
• Support and be part of feminist activism and advocacy.
• Uphold feminist values without being prescriptive or rigid in their interpretation.
• Be accessible to all.

Whilst responsible for publishing content to the site, the editors will aim to:
• Remain sensitive to different feminist viewpoints on contentious issues.
• Avoid sexism, ageism, racism, heterosexism, homophobia, and any other discrimination in content.
• Avoid publishing any blatantly unsubstantiated or un-referenced statements as fact.
• Truly reflect the author’s intended meaning while editing pieces for publication.
• Allow for a broad interpretation of feminism.
• Encourage a respectful, open-minded approach to seemingly different viewpoints.

Whilst allowing for strongly held individual opinions to be published, feminaust as a publication will not:
• Define what feminism is, to the exclusion of other interpretations of feminism.
• State that there is a ‘true’ feminism in no uncertain terms.
• Provide a platform for trolls or anti-feminists.
• Be drawn into discussion which aims to undermine the fundamental values of feminism.
• Get involved in “in-fighting” within feminist circles.
• Claim to represent “the” voice of feminism.
• Restrict contributions only to those who have academic qualifications or are widely read in feminism.
• Try to please all of the feminists all of the time!

In order to maintain a progressive and safe discourse on the site, anti-feminist comments, posts, and profiles are not permitted; the feminaust editors believe that racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and hate speech constitute anti-feminism and have no place on the site. If you have a concern about a comment or contribution, please use let us know by emailing us at

Content Guidelines
feminaust is a space to further feminist conversations and ideas. Please read our content guidelines carefully before contributing to the site.

All content requested to be added to feminaust will be held by editors until it has been deemed appropriate. Regular contributors who consistently provide quality, appropriate content will be given full contributor status and allowed to contribute content as they please, however the editors reserve the right to withdraw this privilege if we deem that the contributor has breached these guidelines.

What we are looking for from feminaust contributors:
• Short pieces of approximately 1500 words or less on a feminist issue, event, approach or experience that is important to you.
• Content must be “Australian” by either being written by an Australian, about an Australian issue or provides an Australian perspective. If you’re unsure whether your contribution complies, please send us an email and we’ll have a chat about it.

Examples of what we’d like to see are:
• New or insightful comment about current affairs, old discussions or interesting issues.
• Descriptions of your feminist “lightbulb moment”
• Reviews or books, film, music etc. They don’t have to be feminist in origin but if you can discuss them from a feminist perspective we’d like to hear from you.
• Reports on events you’ve attended.
• Shit that keeps you feminist

To contribute to “Show us your Cox”:
feminaust has a special space to showcase Australian feminists. If you would like to contribute to this page we are looking for the following:
• Interviews with famous or influential feminists.
• Bios of young or emerging feminists: you don’t have to have published a book or be quoted by The Australian newspaper as a ‘man-hater’, but we want to hear about what you’re doing that is inspirational or interesting. (Please email us for a copy of the bio/e-interview template).
• Love letters to feminists you admire. DISCLAIMER: We won’t send them. Unless you want us to.
• Profiles of feminist organisations: if an organisation you’re involved with has a positive feminist agenda, please let us know about it. We will also post your organisation’s details on our resources page, if you like!

To contribute to “Two & A Half Women”:
Maybe a little bit distasteful but we hope that this page will become one of the most successful on the site. It is for semi-regular podcasts or videos of two women (two Xs each) and one man (just the one X – ah ha, didn’t see that coming ey Charlie?) debating current topics in the public eye, all with a feminist bent of course.
• If you’d like to be put onto our 2½ Women panellist list, email us at You do not require any special skills other than a keen and curious feminist mind.

“Don’t Leave the House” is an exception to the above rules
feminaust does have one exception to the above rules. On the page “Don’t Leave the House” we have provided a space for contributors to air their frustrations and have a good rant at the world.
• Essentially, it is a space to rant about all the bullshit in the world that keeps you a feminist.

In this space, some of the content guidelines may be bent in order to facilitate open sharing and this will be decided by editors on a case-by-case basis. These posts will not have a comment function and the only way to respond will be to contribute a rebuttal or response in a separate post. The editors reserve the right to only post contributions they deem interesting or insightful, but inappropriate for general release, in “Don’t Leave the House”. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

What isn’t tolerated (and if you’re unsure, err on the side of caution) in comments:
• Blaming the victim
• Racist, sexist, ageist, transphobic, sizeist and fat-shaming, ableist, homophobic and any other commentary that demeans or attacks a person based on an inherent characteristic.
• Plain malice (i.e.: comments that don’t further the dialogue, but instead just harshly imply to author that they need to educate themselves or that they are stupid) and personal attacks. Even if the majority of your comment is constructive, if the last line is “so thanks for that, asshole” we will probably not post it.
• Dismissal, silencing (ie: anything along lines of “Ehh, i don’t think that matters too much” or “This isn’t an issue”).
• Questioning the feminist validity of a topic or post (ie: Why do you care about this? You should really care about x, y, z because it’s more important).
• However, the editors reserve the right to not post content which is irrelevant to the aims and objectives of feminaust or does not meaningfully contribute to debate and discussion.
• Derailing: Anything way off topic or leads the discussion in a completely different and unproductive from the aims and objectives of feminaust.
• Excessive or unnecessary strong language.

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list, and that any of these issues can manifest in different – and sometimes, subtle – ways. Ultimately, it is up to the feminaust team whether content gets posted or not.

Thank you for taking the time to view our guidelines. If you have something you would like to contribute, or any feedback, please send it to us at

We would like to thank and for providing the inspiration for these guidelines.

Lots of big, squishy love, feminaust.