BCCI player contracts and annual injustice to the women’s team


The tops of the women’s team simply ignored

The Indian men’s cricket team is among the most popular in the world. They pack the most stadiums, sell the most tickets and have more sponsors than the women’s team, so yes it makes sense for them to win more. It is not discussed here.

And while the women’s team may not yet be able to match the popularity of their male counterparts, they have overtaken Virat Kohli’s team on one parameter. And since this is a professional sport, this parameter should count for a lot given that the women’s cricket team reached the final of the last T20 World Cup and also the last ICC Women’s World Cup at 50 years old. , a feat that Virat Kohli and his team have failed to achieve in their last two outings.

But instead of rewarding the women’s team for their consistent performances, the BCCI have gone to the other extreme and haven’t scheduled a single international match for the team for an entire year, since their exit to the Cup final. 2020 T20 World Cup vs Australia. It was the same final that set many new audience records and saw the Indian women’s cricket team reach the peak of their form, performance, popularity and fitness.

Instead of capitalizing on it, the BCCI let the women’s cricket team stay at home for an entire year, even as their male counterparts played in the IPL, toured Australia and even hosted England in all formats. .

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