Beckhams risks new wrath with money amid ‘£ 10million bank loan’ allegation


The Beckhams risked raising embarrassing questions about why they would need to put staff on leave, as reports emerged of a multi-million pound bank loan the star couple took to buy property .

The couple have drawn huge criticism in recent weeks since their reveal Victoria, 46 planned to use taxpayer dollars to pay dozens of his employees in his failing fashion empire instead of dipping into his £ 335million reading wealth to pay their wages.

Following a harsh backlash, Vicky was forced to make a humiliating U-turn on her leave plans, but now new details of a past financial decision have risked sparking new anger against the designer-turned-Spice Girl. and his David, 45, husband.

According to The Sun on Sunday, Vicky and Dave took out a £ 10million bank loan to buy property in America last year, despite having the means to buy the £ 18million property.

The Beckhams are said to have taken a £ 10million loan to buy a luxury apartment

The decision to take out a bank loan to buy the Miami penthouse raised embarrassing questions for the couple.

A source told The Sun: “Considering how rich the mega-rich couple are, it’s a bit rich to have taken out a loan.

“If they hadn’t borrowed the money to buy another notebook, they might not have had to put staff on leave in the first place.”

Victoria has been firmly in the wrong books in the eyes of many over the past few weeks

The source scathingly added: “If Victoria could borrow £ 10million to buy a Miami bolt hole, there are probably a few people who think she could have borrowed the money in the first place to pay its staff, rather than trying to rely on the taxpayer. “

The alleged loan was reportedly requested at the end of last year – while the end of 2019 was a sore point for the couple as they recorded their very first joint financial loss as Victoria’s fashion empire struggled and David’s star power showed signs of waning.

The property in question would include five bedrooms, a pool, spa, hair salon, juice bar, gym and helicopter landing pad.

The Beckhams saw public opinion turn against them

Victoria and David’s potential new misstep comes after the couple came under fire for their attempt to solicit government funds to help support Victoria’s fashion brand.

Piers Morgan led the reaction against Vicky, Calling her a “pampered prima donna” and said her fashion empire was a “failed vanity project”.

Mirror Online has contacted Victoria and David for comment.

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