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Or popularly known as Pinky from Nuvu Naku Nachav from Venkatesh, appeared in several TV series before disappearing from the public eye. However, she took the opportunity to get back into action with Bigg Boss 6. She is paid Rs 25,000 in compensation.


Srihan, who was popular as former contestant Siri’s boyfriend more than his professional life, is a model and TV actor. He too receives an amount of Rs 50,000 per week.

Neha Chowdary

The presenter-turned-TV actress with a sports background came to the show with her unique skills and talent as a gymnast. She was recognized for her hosting skills during the IPL in Mumbai. She charges Rs 20,000.

Chalaki Chanti

Chalaki Chanti

Chalaki Chanti is one of the Tollywood comedians who appeared in several mainstream movies and entertained viewers with popular comedy show Jabardast before coming to Bigg Boss. He takes Rs 50,000 as remuneration per week.

Sri Sathya

Model-turned-TV actress Sri Sathya entered the house after a dance performance. She allegedly charged 30,000 rupees per week.

Arjun Kalian

Arjun, who completed his master’s degree in the United States, returned to India after taking an acting course at a film academy in New York. He acted in several low budget films. It brings home Rs 20,000.



Chittooru Chirutha AKA Geethu Royal is an RJ, reviewer, reviewer, insta influencer and what else? Brandon is already rushing with his unique slang and attitude. She earns Rs 25,000 per week.

Abhinaya Sri

Dancer, daughter of dancer Anuradha, Abhinaya entered Tollywood and rocked the industry with the song “A Ante Amalapuram”. She did quite a few songs and roles in Telugu movies before she abstained from the Telugu industry. She’s become a full-time YouTuber and making her own mark. She charges Rs 20,000 per week.

Marine Abraham

TV actress Marina, who is in the house with husband Rohith, is a household name. She charges Rs 35,000 per week.



TV actor and model Rohith, who entered the house as jodi, Marina’s husband brings home Rs 45,000 a week.


Child artist-turned-hero Baladitya has been missing for a few years and he’s been waiting for the right opportunity like Bigg Boss to bounce back into the spotlight. He charges Rs 45,000 per week.


The actress rose to fame through her portrayal of the female lead in Sampoornesh Babu’s film Cauliflower. She is also the heroine of Wanted Pandugad. Vasanthi also takes Rs 25,000 each per week.

Shaini Salmon

Shaini Salmon

The character artist who shot to fame through Rajamouli’s film Sye is in the game show and earns Rs 30,000 for the duration of his stay in the house.

Inaya Sultane

This social media influencer gained instant popularity with just one video of her dating none other than RGV. She was seen dancing with RGV in a red ensemble and the video went viral. Like how Ariyana Glory became a contestant in Bigg Boss 5 thanks to RGV, this season Inaya was in the house courtesy of RGV. She brings home Rs 15,000 per week.

RJ Surya

Mimic artist, comedian, RJ and show host RJ Surya was offered Rs 40,000.



Jabardasth comedian Faima, who rose to popularity and wealth in a modest family, charges Rs 25,000 a week to stay inside the house.

Adi Reddy

Popularly successful YouTuber, Adi Reddy has reached Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. He is paid Rs 30,000 as remuneration.


He started his career as an office boy and took small modeling assignments, worked on his physique and histrionics to become a model and then a television actor. He brings home around Rs 20,000.

Arohi Rao

Arohi Rao

Arohi is a model-turned-actress who has appeared in a few television soap operas. She charges Rs 15,000 per week for her stay in the house.


Indian Idol winner Revanth who entered the house as the final contestant is the highest paid contestant on the game show and reportedly received a paycheck of Rs 60,000 per week during his time at the Bigg Boss house .

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