Birthday Campaign

spspecialboxes_3Every year, feminaust chooses a focus for their birthday campaign, the thing they will base their birthday party in June/July around and the political or social focus they want to take within the broader scope of feminaust as a community, space and movement.

In 2012, when feminaust founders IsBambi and MsElouise were in Istanbul for the 2012 AWID forum, MsElouise attended a breakout session on feminist movement building and what it means to be a movement rather than an organisation (read about her thoughts on feminist movements and feminist movement building here).

The Birthday Campaign is one of the steps feminaust is taking to become a more movement-focused body rather than an organisation or just a website.

Birthday Campaigns will always be issue-focused, awareness-raising or outcome-oriented, political or social in nature and any funds raised from campaign events will always be funneled into EDITH: the Fund for Australian Feminism.

If you have any ideas for a great Birthday Campaign, please give us a shout at If you’re interested in helping out with a Birthday Campaign you can also reach us at that email address.

Enjoy xxx

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