Buy small and smart, better for you and the Earth


You can live more sustainably and support small businesses at the same time.

WASHINGTON – How’s that for a winning buying combination?

Support small businesses AND protect the environment!

Here are some small business brands that are creating products that are not only better for you but for Mother Earth.

Hair care

Let’s start with our upper body, our scalp and our hair.

TRU Balance Hair Care is a black, women-owned business focused on scalp and hair health.

The product line was created by hairstylist friends Keinya Beasley and Tracy Brown, who is also a licensed trichologist and hair loss specialist.

TRU Balance Hair Care uses natural, safe and effective ingredients to rejuvenate and protect your hair and scalp.

Skin and body care

Now let’s talk about the largest organ in our body… our skin!

Buff Experts was founded by a husband and wife duo who had had enough of the eye-catching face and lack of products with quality skin ingredients. This botanical beauty mark is Leaping Bunny certified which means they are the most reliable when it comes to products not tested on animals! Buff Experts is not only cruelty-free, but they enhance your skin care with high quality herbal products.

Co-founder (and wife) Sina Zere is African-Canadian and has incorporated the flora and fauna of her heritage into their products. Herbs and ingredients that have been used in African women’s beauty routines over the centuries, such as mango, aloe vera, and sunflower oil, are honored in Buff Experts.

SPRAISE means SKIN PRAISE! Brand founder Dominique Boseman has battled eczema and dry, itchy and sensitive skin for years! So she decided to create her own health and luxury products. SPRAISE is a black and feminine beauty brand that offers vegan and plant nourishing products for the skin. (My favorites are the Vanilla Body Wash and Lavender Body Souffle)

SPRAISE is Clean Beauty + Intentional Skin Praise.

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Home cleaning and decoration

Equo (pronounced ee-kwo) is on a mission to provide eco-friendly solutions to everyday items, like truly compostable straws and utensils.

Founder Marina Tran-Vu was inspired by her little nephew and wanted to help create a sustainable future for him and generations to come. Equo products are 100% natural, plastic-free, non-toxic, chemical-free, biodegradable and compostable. The straws are made of rice, coconut, sugarcane, grass and coffee (I used the rice straws. They did not get soggy like paper straws and did not change. the flavor of my drink!)

Marina reminds us that simple solutions like compostable straws are so much better for the Earth than those plastic straws that will keep us all alive.

When it comes to cleaning our homes, we don’t need to spray chemicals on the surfaces we touch or in the air we breathe. What about an all-natural product that can tackle the toughest jobs?

Fabric + hair was founded by April Sargies, mother of 3 and owner of a cleaning business in Maryland. She was looking for a product that could clean a variety of surfaces without chemicals. Fabric + hair Patent pending # 001 cleaner can handle rust, lime, mildew, etc. It is ecological AND solid!

When you are surrounded by the green of nature, do you find it soothing? Or inspiring? Why not bring these feelings into your home with some decoration? (No green thumbs needed)

Green Philosophy Co. combines artistic design with natural design to give you fun, funky and functional decoration and gifts. Each design is inspired by a specific plant. However, they don’t just focus on the interior space, Green Philosophy Co. has partnered with Trees for the future plant trees in developing countries and communities for every product sold.

There are many ways to protect yourself not only from chemicals and toxins, but also from the Earth. Sustainability is essential to protect our world for future generations.

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