Calling all Melbourne-based feminists: Abortion reform in Victoria is now under serious threat.


After reforming legislation around abortion in 2008 to become the most woman-friendly state in Australia (not that that says much, hi NSW!), Victorian abortion reform is now under serious threat.

Bring your angry signs, and tell your friends and your friends’ friends to join us on the steps of Parliament House, Spring St this evening at 5:30pm. In addition to coming along tonight, please sign this petition.


Because there’s not a chance in fresh hell we’ll cop this one.

SLUTFEST: Official Fundraiser for SlutWalk Melbourne 2013


Melbourne, are you ready for your first SlutFest?

SlutFest is the all-singing, all-dancing, all-poetic, all-hilair, all-sequined, all-woman, all-slutty, all-the-time extravaganza you’ve been waiting for!

The event will raise money to stage Melbourne’s third annual SlutWalk, with all extra funds going straight to the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA), the 24 hour crisis care service for victims of sexual violence.

Featuring performances from Telia Nevile, Emilie Zoey Baker, Nellie White, Hannah Monagle, Lisa-Skye, Gosti, Kitty Bang, Jessica Alice, Emily Jarrett, Hissy Loco (Va Va Boombah) and Anna’s Go-Go Academy!

Get tickets here!  Continue reading

Do you care about asylum seekers and gender equality?

If so, let’s get more menstrual products for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Material Aid Program than they can handle!

Feminaust_Christmas in July Flyer_A3 - FB header 22 June

When: Thursday 25 July, 5:30pm onwards
Where: Bella Union, Trades Hall, Lygon St Carlton (Melbourne, Victoria)
Presale tickets: $10 adult, $5 concession
Entry requirements: A donation of menstrual products (pads, tampons, menstrual cups, reuseable pads etc)
Dress code: Tacky Christmas jumpers (there will be a fantastic prize for the best Christmas jumper on the night).

Share the event with your friends and buy your tickets!

feminaust event ~ Christmas (Island) in July!

Feminaust_Christmas in July Flyer_A3 - FB header 22 JuneDo you care about asylum seekers and gender equality? If so, we need you – and some menstrual products. Menstrual products like pads and tampons are a huge luxury for many low-income women. What would you do if you had to go without them? To learn more about this important issue, read Crimson Movement’s latest blog post.

feminaust and Crimson Movement invite you to ‘Christmas (Island) in July’, a very special event to ‘padraise’ for the Asylum Seeker’s Resource Centre Material Aid program. 

Grab your tickets here, and share the event with your friends!

When: Thursday 25th July, 5:30pm onwards

Where: Bella Union, Trades Hall, Lygon St Carlton

Presale tickets: $10 adult, $5 concession (Buy your tickets here!)

Entry requirements: A donation of menstrual products (pads, tampons, menstrual cups, reusable pads etc)

Dress code: Tacky Christmas jumpers (there will be a fantastic prize for the best Christmas jumper on the night).

Join us to celebrate the important work of the ASRC by pulling on your favourite Christmas jumper and donating some menstrual products (pads, tampons or menstrual cups) to the ASRC’s Material Aid program. Also, any money raised on the night will go to EDITH: Fund for Australian Feminism.

Looking forward to seeing you in July!

What I learnt about delivering an international conference from Women Deliver 2013

Romeny still uses binders? LOLFrom 28th to 30th of May, IsBambi and I attended the Women Deliver 2013 forum on issues as diverse maternal mortality, sexuality education, human rights and HIV/AIDS. From this event, our third international conference attended as a pair, I learnt the following things in regards to what I would do if I were to host/organise such an event;

1. Deliver Information. Demand speakers ensure at least 60% of their content is new information to at least 60% of attendees. eg: at a conference focussing maternal mortality, a plenary speech that consists entirely of statements such as “we need to do better in preventing maternal mortality” or “motherhood should not kill” would not be acceptable. Continue reading

Easter Giveaway ~ Debate – Men Can’t Be Feminists

All About Women

We have a double pass to give away to a session at the upcoming All About Women extravaganza at the Sydney Opera House on 7th April!

Tell us in 100 words or less on whether men can be feminists ( to go into the running to win a double pass to Debate – Men Can’t Be Feminists. Entries due on Tuesday 2 April 2013.

Join two entertaining teams of gender warriors to find out once and for all – can men really be feminists? Including Eva Cox, Bob Ellis, Peter FitzSimons, Annamarie Jagose, Gretel Killeen, Hamish Macdonald and more at All About Women – a day of fearless discussion at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday April 7.

Feminism has always been obsessed with definitions. Who can and should take on the fight to improve the lot of women and what should they believe? Is it enough to believe in equality for women, and if so, can men who share this conviction be part of the fight?

If you’re not successful, you can still see this session at All About Women with the $80 Festival Day Pass (allowing access to 16 sessions and over 40 speakers) or $35 single tickets

For more information:

B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls ~ Roller Derby in San Francisco

Last Saturday night my beloved and I went to watch the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls take on the Kansas City Roller Warriors at the Craneway Pavillion in San Francisco. The BAD Girls were taking on the Warriors as part of the 2012 Roller Derby Championships.

The reason I mention the venue is because IT WAS AWESOME. It is a huge space, converted from a former Ford factory, set on the end of a pier with huge glass windows all around and some pretty awesome exposed beams. It was so amazing to sit watching kick-ass roller derby, surrounded by water and flooded by summer-eve light.

The atmosphere was incredible. People had signs, there was face-paint and a lot of cheering. The Warriors were greeted with pretty sub-par applause when they took to the track during the introductions. However, the crowd went completely bonkers for the BAD Girls, who weaved in and out of one another while some bad-ass hip hop played in the background. Yes, I said bad-ass, and yes, I am white.  Continue reading

Applications now open for feminaust fund directors

feminaust co-founders IsBambi and MsElouise

The feminaust fund will be a trust fund for the future of Australian feminism.

Acting as a trustee of the first board of the feminaust fund will give you a unique opportunity to put your stamp on the development of this exciting resource for the Australian feminist movement. It will be a chance to actively participate in philanthropic activities, have a say on where your feminist dollars go, take part in an incredible learning experience.

The feminaust fund’s financial holdings will be made up of personal contributions of board trustees and the general public. It will be managed by an experienced fund manager. Distributions from the fund will be used to support feminist projects, events and activities both within Australia and overseas.

The concept was born out of a simple idea that if a group of 10 people came together once every month, to donate $100 each to a sustainable trust fund, in 1 year they would have raised $10,000. Before long, the interest generated from the fund would be enough to start to sponsor all types of activities. This is the aspiration for the feminaust fund.

The first key goal for the fund will be to support at least one young feminist to attend the 13th AWID forum, whenever and wherever it may be held, as it was at the 12th AWID forum that the concept for the fund was developed.

Governance and operation of the fund including further fundraising efforts, grant making requirements etc will be decided by the first board of trustees during the first 12 months of the fund. The fund will be officially launched at the 2nd birthday celebrations in 2013. However, grants will probably not start to be made until some time after that depending on the success of fundraising efforts and other associated factors.

Please click on the Position Description below for more details.

PD feminaust fund director Applications close 1st August 2012

Hannah Gadsby is f-ing funny

Hanna Gadsby is performing now at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I went with a few workmates, and my beloved, to see Hannah Gadsby’s stand up show ‘Hannah wants a wife’ as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I had previously seen some of her stand up on ABC’s iview and had laughed myself to nausea – she does a great impression of her mum trying to stop a bleeding wound with Vicks Vapour Rub. She’s also a key part of Adam Hills’ Gordon st show (even though I think her talents are under utilised).

Gadsby, for those of you who don’t know her, is tall, Tasmanian, wears glasses, generally all her clothing is black or brown and includes a tie, dates women and nearly got run over by MsEloise last week. She employs a great turn of phrase, has a laconic accent she emphasises for rude words and excels in weaving layers into her comedic narrative… In a totally non-pretentious way.

So, with all of that in mind, I very excitedly turned up to her show this evening. I was not disappointed. Continue reading