feminaust cousins power up!!

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My fabulous cousin Kellea is here in Istanbul with me celebrating the amazingness of the program, the people and the passion. We took a moment during a breakout session on monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate why we’re gonna rule the world.

Hanging out with Kellea has been extra exciting coz she knows cool people who then come and sit and chat to us like we’re also cool people!!!! Last night it was Elizabeth Reid, the women’s advisor for Gough Whitlam. MASSIVE EXCITEMENT !!!

It’s been great hanging out with Kellea who lives in the US and so we see each other rarely (plus she’s actually my cousin’s wife so we’ve only known each other a short time).

I’ll leave you with this sobering image;

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Feminists don’t smile

Oh they didn’t did they? Appalling misogynist advertising.

experience the new durex superthin ultima. our thinest condom

so thin you can leave her pleasantly puzzled ~ did he really use one? or didn’t he?

Or, as one astute twitter user said “do I need an abortion? or don’t I?”. The fact that durex in India can confidently use rape as a selling point for their condoms shouldn’t be at all surprising really, after all, if Assange has taught us nothing it’s that having sex with a woman without a condom, even if she says she wants one, is just negotiation, not a betrayal of trust or a violation of her body. Continue reading

Representation: children in art.

Most Australians will probably remember the Bill Henson debarkle back in 2008 when a number of photographs of children were removed from an art gallery and labelled as “disgusting” and pornographic, despite having no intent to arouse and there existing no evidence of abuse of the children.

The debate that followed was heated, often ill informed and caused a great divide among the community. There were those who believed that whether abuse was present or not the images could arouse some viewers and should therefore be removed. There were those that said this was censorship gone mad, that children were a legitimate artistic subject and should be allowed to be so. Many people felt torn by a desire to protect children from abuse and an understanding that this was not such a case, that it really was art and that the pictures really were beautiful and not at all pornographic. The debate sort of reminds me of the sex worker debate that has been raging on feminaust over the last few weeks. The conflict between people who want to protect trafficked women and do so by vilifying the entire industry to “rescue” them and those who recognise that it is not the industry that is evil or immoral but individuals and groups within the industry, much like any other. The gut reaction to want to protect children from abuse is noble and justified however the censorship of legitimate art is not the solution. The Bill Henson case is not the first and will certainly not be the last. Continue reading

Welcome to Monday ~ August 29 2011

Are we really still meant to be paying for Eve's mistake?

Another Monday, another set of interesting links for our brilliant readers! Some are irritating (ye olde “can you be a feminist and sexy” debate) some are mind bendingly ridiculous (did you know the Catholic church is more feminist than the rest of us?) and, thankfully, the usual selection of intelligent thought-provoking articles. Let’s get into it!

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Welcome to Monday ~ 22nd August 2011

Welcome to Monday! Its been a busy week here at feminaust, with some very important debates about the basic tenet of feminism – respecting the unique experiences of all women and understanding them as valid. Sometimes its difficult and challenging, but darn its worth it. Have a quick read over the last few posts if you haven’t already, and I’d like to take this chance to thank becauseimawhore for writing her wonderful article for us.

But the time has come to share the love and take a look at some great writing from feminists around the world. So here’s what we’ve been reading this week. Unfortunately the list isn’t as extensive as normal due to my macbook dying in the arse at the age of 8 months. Regular service should be established next week (not for my mac, which will apparently take up to two months to fix). Sigh. Still enjoy the links, and remember none of these articles necessarily reflect the views of the feminausts!

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Welcome to Monday ~ 15 August 2011

What a week! This Welcome to Monday includes tampons, some potentially big changes in the comic book world, war heroines and of course the big one down under, Fred Nile being an idiot about the general awesomeness of Australian finance minister, Penny Wong.There’s so much news I’m minimised the commentary on them, which obviously took an unprecedented level of self-control. Enjoy the links, tell us what you think, and remember we aim to include an overview of feminist news this week; these articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the feminausts.

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Renovating and Gender. Or, sometimes I suck at feminism and need a man to show me how to do it right.

I will begin by saying I do not understand the draw of renovation shows. This may be because I lack some essential gene that makes me care about utilizing space and feature walls; I can’t tell a French window from an open-plan living space. I suspect however that my lacking of interest is also a result of the crazy places I lived during my ten years of undergrad and grad study, the most bizarre of which was the three-bedroom house which accommodated ten people. Oh and the kitchen was outside. And only had three walls. And once it rained and then grass sprouted inside the kitchen, which was kind of awesome but I’m pretty sure is not an official Design Feature. Anyway, after such experiences, I tend to approach “interior design” through such prisms as “how do I fit all of my books into one room whilst retaining room for a bed?” and “why is that wall held up by cardboard?”

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concrete is damn hard ~ a podcast about feminism and roller derby

Our very first Physically Active Feminausts podcast. Click on the link to listen to Polly, Bianca and Doris discussing their relationship with roller derby and feminism. Right click to Save As.

concrete is damn hard

PollyTickle, Bianca and Crunch Lady Doris from the Dolls Au-Go-Go