The feminaust month that was July!


So this is what we were reading in July. Please let us know if you were reading anything different or better or enjoyed something we read!

Admittedly, July was more of a race month than a women’s month here in Australia. I was overseas at the end of July/beginning of August and I can’t begin to express my disappointment in so much of the rhetoric around Adam Goodes. But, I was also proud to see and hear some strength and leadership from a huge cross section of Australia supporting Goodes and telling the racists where they could put it. Thanks goes to you.

Right, links!

Feminist Academic Collective collated all their July articles here.

The International Association for Feminist Economics had their conference in July!

The 86th Down Under Feminist Carnival happened at A Bee of A Certain Age

Are you tuning in to Feminist Focus at 3CR? If not you should be. Thursday nights 6-6:30pm

And speaking of broads who broadcast, are you listening to The Downlow on 3RRR? Sunday afternoons 1pm-2pm.

And more feminist radio, here’s an online one for you Feminist Magazine.

Other people’s link love

Geek feminism had all the link love in July!    6th July  |  10th July  |  17th July  |             24th July  |  28th July

And the Rhodes Project (a new one for me). Also loves the links in July.

Lipmag loves linking us to the best.

AND in August, feminaust is turning 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join us for a party at LongPlay and an old school film about a strong laydee.


Welcome to Tuesday! ~ 2nd June 2015

11048709_853801841357203_1399153547835174837_nEveryone at feminaust was saddened by the passing of Joan Kirner and sends best wishes to her family. Among many specific sadnesses we are sad that she never saw another female Premier of Victoria. Lets keep our first Premier in our hearts and hope she won’t remain the only for long.

There’s been a bit of racism getting around (woah! surprise)

Firstly, Adam Goodes being Aboriginal during the Indigenous Round of the AFL.

Then #QandA.

11110779_10153920052699951_7797847284432900193_nTony Abbott thinks the housing crisis is a good thing.

Caitlyn Jenner has burst into our collective world looking hot as fuck. Continue reading

Welcome to Monday! ~ 18th May 2015

IDAHOT-2015-meme6-150x150Happy IDAHO/IDAHOT/IDAHOBIT!

I’m sure the acronym will just keep growing and growing as we recognise more groups and individuals who fit into our welcoming embrace (I hope). But in the meantime, I hope you’re celebrating in some form and kicking all social phobias in the butt just a little more today.

This weeks links are different to other links. They’re different because I want your money so I’m dedicating this entire link love to getting it. I don’t want it for myself, I don’t even want it for feminaust. I want it for someone I’ve never met and yet believe really deserves it. It’s also not the last time I’ll ask for it and it’s not the last person I’ll ask for it for but for this time Diana still needs your support getting to World Council. To help illustrate why feminaust is so keen on this campaign I’m going to link you to a few old articles from the feminaust archives as well as articles written by others from other places about why World Council is so important to the development of incredible young activists and advocates, changemakers and troublemakers.

All the following articles were written by young feminausts who attended World Council 2011 in Zurich Switzerland and were inspired in some way by the events and activities they were included in there.

Women, Peace and Security.

Voting at World Council; Empowering or Confusing?

Waking up to your sexual and reproductive health and rights.

A love letter to Abigail Disney

One step closer to the post-patriarchy; redefining professionalism.

Cairo 678; Movie Review. Continue reading

Welcome to Monday! ~ 11th May 2015

18242_769025796549151_2554119384121623584_nHelllloooo feminausts! and Welcome to May! Firstly, big thanks to Scarlett who has been doing the first W2M of the month for the past four months (is that right Scarlett?) and has reduced my stress levels astonishingly while I was a busy little bee planning a big trip away. She is now taking on some more responsibilities and won’t have time to help me out anymore so if any of you lovely feminausts facies a stint as a guest Welcomer to Monday please get in touch. You just have to spend a little time showing us your favourite articles/images/events for the week before/after the Monday in question! So simple. So lovely.

Anyway, onto the link love for this week, due to yesterdays Mother’s Day there are a lot of articles about mums, motherhood etc. We like to keep it topical so please enjoy and as always, let me know if I missed something essential.


If you haven’t watched this TedTalk yet you should.

The genius of Amy Schumer.

Hilary Clinton uses Mother’s Day to talk about parental leave.

Your mum’s most unintentionally hilarious moments.

Family violence calls more people than wars.

Treasurer uses Mother’s Day to royally screw mothers.

Mona Eltahawy “All religions are obsessed with my vagina”

And if you haven’t donated to Diana’s appeal for support to attend YWCA World Council, please take this opportunity to do so. Like the old saying says, “every little bit helps” and even forgoing your coffee today or all week to donate $3 or $30 will make a huge difference for this truly inspirational young woman. I have cut and pasted the blurb from the campaign here:

Diana Ma’ahoro is a disability rights activist and member of YWCA Solomon Islands. She also happens to be one of the most inspiring, tenacious and ambitious leaders that I have ever met.

Diana was just 4 when she contracted tuberculosis meningitis, a life threatening, yet entirely preventable disease. With insufficient facilities to treat her condition in her home Province of Malaita, Diana was moved to Honiara’s National Referral Hospital where she spent the next seven years in rehabilitation. Diana was lucky to survive, but was left with permanent paralysis on her left side, which affects her speech and coordination.

But Diana has never been the kind of person to let her disability to stop her from doing what she wants!

Since attending the YWCA’s Rise Up! Young Women’s Leadership Workshop in 2010, Diana has become a known and respected disability rights activist in her country, speaking out on controversial issues, including violence against women with disabilities and the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women with disabilities.

In 2013 Diana’s work was recognised when she invited to participate in a month long leadership course in Oregon, USA with global NGO Mobility International USA. This experience was life changing for Diana who had the opportunity to meet and learn from women with disabilities all around the world.

Now Diana wants to take her activism global again but attending the World YWCA Council in Bangkok Thailand in October 2015. Diana will be sharing a room with social change rockstar Sylvia John, for whom we recently raised almost $3000USD to attend the same conference. Diana will contributing to her own fundraising by selling home made crafts at a local market stall she runs.

If you believe in the potential of young women to change the world, then donate to Diana’s campaign today!

Welcome to Monday! ~ 27th April 2015

Loving this that our British friends are up to.

Event with Anne Summers and Elizabeth Broderick.

Women in Silicone Valley rocking it!

First Dog on the Moon – ANZAC Day

Flowers of Hope

What about the war on women?

Writing While Female at this year’s Emerging Writers Festival

Can utility companies help protect women experiencing family violence?

The future of ageing for women? Crisis and Cat Food

To reduce family violence we need to look further than the inner city.

Support this Indigogo campaign to get Solomon Islands disability activist to a world conference.

Feminist cycling!!!!!

The feminaust month that was February!

Sorry I’ve been a slack – oh, I’ve been very busy planning a rather adventurous adventure riding my horse from Melbourne to Canberra through the mountains and feminaust has been the victim. Thankfully Scarlett has been keeping up with her once a month W2Ms so I’m going to try to redeem myself a little bit by doing a recap of the month that was February 2015 and then you can look forward to W2M from Scarlett in your web browser on Monday March 2nd!!

I’m afraid there will then be more radio silence until I’m back on the interwebs in mid-April. So I hope you don’t miss me too much and enjoy the links from the feminaust montht that was February 2015.

The shitstorm that is raging about the Human Rights Commisioner Gillian Triggs, stinks of many things, including sexism and misogyny, a complete absence of logic and some pretty crap basic literacy skills. Here’s a few of the articles I read;

From The Women’s Agenda “I stand with Gillian”

From the Guardian, If only they would stop and listen they might save themselves a lot of trouble.

And from the Sydney Morning Herald “reading is for chumps”

Anyone who watched Q&A on Monday 23rd Feb could be forgiven for thinking that family violence is rife in this country… oh wait, it is. 14 women have died at the hands of the partner or former partner this year. THIS YEAR. It’s only the end of February. So the ABC bravely gave us four men and a couple of birds to talk about the problem. Here is some of the commentary;

From the Guardian

Instead of capitalising on their expertise in family violence, Rosie Batty and Natasha Stott Despoja were used on a Q&A special to interpret and validate men


From Clementine Ford

Do not be fooled into thinking that the ABC and its audience are above the kind of shallow sexism that defines the rest of society.


It’s not about February but March is International Women’s Day month so here’s what’s happening around the nation.

In Melbourne Y Listen is a music fundraiser for YWCA Victoria. An organisation close to feminaust’s heart.

Around the country the National Association for Women in Construction is hosting breakfasts and other events.

In Sydney, the Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Helen Conway, is in conversation.

Quentin Bryce is having breakfast at the Zonta Club in Brisbane.

Business Chicks is hosting a breakfast in Perth

Diamonds of Devonport are having a dinner.

And a million other events near you. Check out the official events page for more information.

Check out this Black February Feminist line up.

Want a cool women’s rights job? Check these ones out!


Welcome to Monday ~ 18 August 2014

Welcome to Monday dear feminausts! Hope you had a glorious weekend and are all ready to tackle the week ahead – feminsty style!

On to the links…

Domestic violence is probably in your office

Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist gives us… It’s the “Recognise” thing that REALLY gets me

“My past,” she told the room, “is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on.”

Head over to Fair Agenda to sign their petition asking Australian senators to stand against changes the university system that could see women pay up to $45,000 more for their degrees than men. This is serious stuff peeps!

Melbourne school students form ‘feminist collective’ to crowdfund curriculum resource

This has been doing the rounds: Next Time Someone Says Women Aren’t Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This.

Church’s Melbourne Response to be focus of child sex abuse inquiry

Indian prime minister delivers statement about men’s responsibility when it comes to rape

Welcome to Monday ~ 28 July 2014

Welcome to Monday dear feminausts. Here we go, lots of feministy links to get you started on this Monday morning!

Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist discusses the diverse views on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal Australians.

Clem Ford nails it again with Jacqui Lambie, sexism and the problem with men.

Interested in the saga surrounding Robin Thicke’s latest album? The Scarlett Woman has you covered.

Test your knowledge, take UN Women’s quiz on Women in Power and Decision-makingContinue reading

Welcome to Monday ~ 7 July 2014

Doug Wheller - Winter 2012Research by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling and AMP says mothers on minimum wage may only keep a fraction of their earnings, with some effectively working for just $3.50 an hour.

There’s no such thing as the perfect vagina.

Lena Dunham explains birth control to a 10 year old.

The Scarlett Woman’s On the (Rest of the) Net.

For those of you weighing into the debate on babies in bars…

Sally Baxter reflects on life as a single mum and on $2.50 a day.

Hoyden About Town channels feminist rage very well in commenting about this article “School bans sex victim from ball … but offender can go”

Welcome to Monday ~ 23 June 2014

MONAWelcome to Monday dear feminausts! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I successfully installed (with a lot of guidance) a new hard drive and some more RAM into my ageing laptop today! I feel 10% more useful now. It’s a great feeling. Also, I went to MONA (in Hobart) last weekend for the start of the Dark MOFO festival. It was so much fun and so over the top. This photo is from one of my favourite pieces at MONA, it’s a large cubed box full of TV screens showing people singing to Madonna songs. Brilliant.

On to the links…

Sarah Capper and Judy Horacek being great: Feminist Frightbats Unite!

Twilight of the Assholes: Goodbye to Dov Charney, Terry Richardson, and Hipster Misogyny

11 Hilarious Women in Pop Culture (Who Aren’t Comedians)

titog (Hoyden About Town) writes: Media Circus: HILDA Report Refutes Hockey Edition

Geek Feminism asks: What would a feminist payment/funding site look like?

The Clever Stunt Four Professors Just Pulled to Expose the Outrageous Pay Gap in Academia

We Hunted the Mammoth lists the 5 most ridiculous things causing misogynists to lose their sh*t this week

Eat the Damn Cake writes her last post and says farewell.