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Bond Shymansky

IOWA CITY – The University of Iowa’s women’s volleyball program has been placed on probation for one year and is set to overturn 33 wins over two seasons as part of its penalties for violations by former coach Bond Shymansky.

The college’s athletic department will also pay the NCAA a $ 5,000 fine under the negotiated resolution announced Wednesday.

Shymansky, who was fired in June 2019, admitted to making two cash payments totaling $ 2,000 to a potential player in the summer of 2017.

The player transferred to Iowa after her sophomore year and arrived on campus in May 2017. She was unable to receive a scholarship immediately as she was not academically eligible.

She got a loan to pay for summer school and asked the volleyball staff to find part-time work to help support herself.

Shymansky, according to the negotiated resolution, encouraged the player to focus on eligibility by fall instead of finding a job. Shymansky then went to the player’s apartment and handed him an envelope containing $ 1,500. On another occasion, the coach gave him an envelope containing $ 500.

Shymansky told investigators he wanted the money to be an advance on the salary the player would earn working at his volleyball camp later that summer. However, all parties agreed that the player was also paid to work in the camp and that the advance was not refunded.

In addition to canceling 33 wins the player appeared in during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, Iowa will reduce its number of volleyball recruiting assessment days by 3.75%.

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