Curiosity begins production of new Serengeti documentary Kuishi na Simba – Living With Lions directed by African filmmaking duo Erica Rugabandana and Muneera Sallies

SILVER SPRING, Maryland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Curiousitythe world’s leading fact-based streaming service and media company (NASDAQ: CURI), today announced Curiosity’s new original documentary Kuishi na Simba—Living with Lions. The film is a collaboration between the Tanzanian filmmaker, cinematographer and environmentalist Erica Rugabandana and South African writer and director Muneera Sallies. Production is underway with a premiere scheduled for 2023.

Most of the stories we know about the Serengeti have been told through the lens, prism and experience of white male filmmakers, novelists and creators. Living with Lions institutes a new tradition, presenting this world famous wildlife sanctuary from an African perspective. These two female voices shed an inimitable light on the Serengeti from within. The film tells the story of a struggle between a pride of lions and the Rugari family. Two lioness sisters kitty and Lucy, desperate to feed their young, they begin to hunt down the family goats. the patriarch, Omosoka, wants to poison the pride that threatens his livelihood, while his daughter Nyanji will do everything in his power to save the lions. The ensuing story proves to be both heartbreaking and triumphant.

The film crew of Erica and Muneera take the reins of this timeless tale as filming begins in the Serengeti just in time for Women’s History Month. The film is a sequel to the original Curiosity series. Nature through her eyes, which premiered in honor of International Women’s Day 2021. The series featured some of the world’s greatest female filmmakers and photographers, including Erica, and their unique and dazzling perspectives on the natural world. Both Living with Lions and Nature through her eyes are produced in partnership with Ouragan Films.

Kuishi na Simba is co-produced for Curiosity Stream by Siima Media, Tanzania; Red Nature Films in South Africa and Hurricane Films in partnership with RED Digital Cinema and the Wildlife Society of Filmmakers, VII Academy, and with support from Wildstar Films and NEWF.

Regarding the start of production, Curiosity Inc. Vice President of Original Content, Development and Programming Jorge Franzini commented, “One of the things we are most proud of at Curiosity is our ability to work with and amplify the voices of talented, up-and-coming international filmmakers. We are a global service, and who better to tell these stories than the people who live them? Erica and Muneera are a shining example of two filmmakers with very bright futures, and we’re grateful to be able to share their story with the world.

Director Erica Rugabandana added: “As curator and cinematographer, I am thrilled to tell a powerful story which I hope will drive home the importance of wildlife conservation in Tanzania. Lions play a crucial role in the Serengeti ecosystem, but people’s livelihoods also matter. In the Serengeti and in many parts of Tanzania, human and animal interests collide. There are no easy solutions to human-wildlife conflicts, we all have to join hands I want to show what’s at stake Living with Lions.

The film will be shot entirely in 4K on the RED Gemini camera. South African Amy-Marie Pienaar will direct the aerial cinematography for the film.

Stay tuned for more news on Kuishi na Simba soon.

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