Dark Forces Are Gathering We Seem Powerless To Stop, Says JUDY FINNIGAN | Richard and Judy | Columnists | Comment

It seems like our pleasant western world is changing, very suddenly, for the worse.

Now, in America, the federal consensus on abortion, still fraught with conflict, has shifted so that women will no longer have the constitutional right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Their right to choose (even after a rape) will very much depend on the state in which they live.

Meanwhile, the status of women themselves is insulted and belittled by official bodies too afraid to call us by name.

To them, we are just “people with a cervix” or “pregnant people”.

After decades of sunny highlands, we now live in dark times… our values ​​are almost constantly under attack.

We have been lulled from comfort to decadence. We must fight back. It’s the only way.

Spare us the embarrassing performance of the wives

This time last year I finally lost my mind with Boris Johnson.

It was the G7 summit in Cornwall, where our smoothing Prime Minister posed for buddy shots with Messrs. Macron, Trudeau and Biden, while his wife wore attractive shepherdess dresses and moved like Marie Antoinette on the beach with her toddler. The nation was fuming on TV.

This year, like the Stepford brides, the G7 brides were pictured taking a tricky hike in the German mountains.

It’s embarrassing and ridiculous. Why are they doing this?

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