DVIDS – News – “I choose my own definition of success”: three women selected for leadership positions at PSFB

PATRICK SPACE FORCE BASE, Fla.– Over the past several months, Patrick SFB has filled three new GS-15 positions.

The General Schedule (GS) salary scale is used to determine salaries for civilian government employees. The GS-15 pay grade is intended for high-level positions such as management-level supervisors, high-level technical specialists, and senior professionals with advanced degrees.

Space Launch Delta 45 Safety Assistant Amber Chang-Armstrong was appointed to her position as GS-15 in January 2022. She is the technical expert for safety issues related to the processing and launch of space launch technologies. booster and satellite.

Chang-Armstrong’s daily tasks change almost every day and that’s part of what she loves about her job.

While attending the launch, Chang-Armstrong said it needed to be flexible, especially with the recent surge in new entrants to the commercial lineup.

“Much of the work is driven by the launch schedule, which is certainly subject to change given all the elements that can impact a launch,” Chang-Armstrong said. “Some days I help client A, then client B the next day, or both on the same day.”

As chief engineer, Chang-Armstrong provides technical guidance and expertise as needed while relying on skilled supervisors and manpower.

“I work with other SLD 45 security personnel to ensure applicable security policies are followed,” Chang-Armstrong said. “It could be Federal Aviation Administration or Air Force requirements depending on the type of mission.

Chang-Armstrong supports day of launch operations, assists supervisors with personnel issues, leads technical efforts associated with mission security, and works with counterparts in other federal agencies to assist in policy development .

“The commercial launch industry has pushed performance based on standards rather than perspective in an effort to provide flexibility while ensuring public safety,” Chang-Armstrong said.

Shaunna Lovell is Director of Plans and Programs for SLD 45. She was promoted to her GS-15 position in January 2022.

The Plans and Programs Office is the initial interface and gateway for new and existing customers wishing to operate on the Eastern Channel.

“My role is to provide the overall direction and vision for the Office of Plans and Programs on a variety of activities which consist of: strategic planning, international affairs, legislative liaison, force generation, protocols of agreement/agreement and handling new requests from customers wishing to operate from the Eastern Channel,” Lovell said.

The Office of Plans and Programs manages the mission agreement process for the Delta.

“The agreements are unique to our end-of-line operating environment and fall outside the scope of typical basic operating support that is handled by LRS,” Lovell said. “We also manage all agreements for transient customers, which allows SLD 45 to provide and receive assistance for many operations.”

Lovell thinks it’s important to bring new launch customers on board to ensure we remain dominant in the space.

Not only have Chang-Armstrong and Lovell been promoted, but Nicole Shatto, director of the SLD 45 program management division, was promoted to her position in December 2021.

Shatto has been a Program Manager at SLD 45 since 2006. Prior to her promotion, she was a Program Manager for the Instrumentation Range Support contract which supports 25 ranges worldwide.

“A large part of our mission at SLD 45 is accomplished through contractual support through our various programs,” Shatto said. “PMD’s mission is to develop and manage these programs with the speed and agility required to keep pace with the changing space.”

The PMD office develops and executes strategic acquisition plans, ensures assigned programs maintain cost, schedule, and performance targets, facilitates communication among stakeholders, and conducts regular program reviews with owners and functional leaders.

Shatto’s primary role is to enable the PMD team to accomplish their missions related to each respective program.

“We provide expert acquisition program management to ensure continued mission success by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs, which directly support Delta’s strategic goals and objectives,” Shatto said.

Although successful, stepping into leadership roles like theirs has not been without challenges.

Chang-Armstrong, Lovell and Shatto said they had to overcome many challenges to get to where they are today.

“I believe a significant barrier to female leadership has been lack of representation,” Chang-Armstrong said. “In the workplace, all of my supervisors were male and the majority of senior Delta leaders were male. So it was exciting to work here when General Helms became the first female commander of the 45th Space Wing (at the time). ”

Lovell said maintaining a work-life balance can be a fear and seen as a potential roadblock for women looking to move into a leadership position.

“Every time I had the opportunity to apply for a leadership position, I hesitated,” she said. “I was thinking about my family and caring about maintaining a work-life balance. Having open communication with my leadership and my husband allowed me to overcome my hesitations and because I made known my goals for my career, my leadership allowed me to have development opportunities without impacting my family .

Shatto also worried that he couldn’t balance it all.

“I wondered how I was going to perform at a high level while trying to be a mother, a wife, a supportive family member, maintaining friendships and staying physically fit,” Shatto said. “Fortunately, the fear was unfounded – I have very supportive leadership and staff which allowed for a wonderful balance.”

Shatto says his leadership understands family commitments very well and has realistic expectations about working hours.

Despite the setbacks, the three women were able to achieve the goals they had set themselves. They shared some tips for women who might seek leadership positions.

“Continually look for opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally – this will help build confidence and resilience,” Shatto said.

Chang-Armstrong suggests building a strong network or “village” while being willing to accept help.

“As a parent, I’m lucky to have close friends and family that I can call on to get the kids to a football game if the pitch fails,” Chang-Armstrong said. “As a professional, I’m fortunate to work with smart, dedicated people who make sure the mission can be accomplished.”

Lovell believes that success has a different meaning for everyone and it’s important to define what success means to you.

“I choose my own definition of success and reflect that in all aspects of my personal and professional life as I move forward with what I aim to achieve,” Lovell said.

Shatto, Lovell and Chang-Armstrong said their work was very rewarding as they supported Patrick SFB’s mission: “To provide assured access to space for warfighter and nation”.

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