Earning money with hair styling, we asked Ghazal, known as Ghazal Dreadluck, to share her experiences with us.

Maybe for you, who can get into the hairdressing business, you are wondering how much does hairdressing work cost or what is the most profitable hairdressing field. Today I am going to answer these questions that can make you a rich person, so join me to find out how to get a job as a hairdresser and how much money you can earn in a month from hairdressing.

Hairdressing is one of the best professions today, the income of which depends on the type of hairdresser profession and the services it provides. Of course, someone who only cuts hair does not have the same salary and income as someone who does all hairdressing services, but for sure, the monthly cost of hairdressers can bring in a lot . It is not hidden from anyone that hairdresser work is very high, but we all don’t know how much money I earn from hairdresser work.

Let me be very clear that with an approximate calculation it can be concluded that men’s hairdressing professions can bring in at least 5-7 million per month, but in the case of women’s hairdressing we cannot give exact figure, which explains why. do

Advantages and disadvantages of the hairdressing profession

Each job has its own advantages and disadvantages, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of this job and is it worth choosing is very important. Undoubtedly, job search is one of the job categories that cannot be used because they are innumerable and do not even reach the number of fingers of a hand. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the hairdressing profession.


  • A hairdresser’s work has free time and there is no pressure on the hairdresser to go to the hairdresser at a certain time.
  • The profession of hairdresser is not considered difficult.
  • Skilled employees are very high and there is no room for advancement in this job.


  • A hairstylist should always seek to improve their skills in order to earn a high income.
  • You always end up with a lot of hair
  • You may come across an unsatisfied publication.

The disadvantages of hairdressing work are not such that it cannot be solved, and with a better view, we can conclude that all problems can be solved by taking different hairdressing courses. There are still things left unsatisfied, which is certainly not a dissatisfied employer.

Factors influencing the amount of income from a job as a hairdresser

Like any other job, hair styling depends on various factors. One of these factors is the skill of the hairdresser. It is obvious that the more he is able, the more he will be. But among other influential factors for getting a job as a hairdresser, the following can be mentioned.

  • hairdresser skills
  • Number of passengers per day
  • Professional services provided by the hairdresser
  • Work for yourself or at hairdressers

Women’s hairdressing employment income

The income of women’s hairdressing is higher than that of men’s hairdressing, and can get the most income from women’s hairdressing. If you want to earn money in hairdresser career, learn professional skills and work strategies for high income. Note that you are active in several fields or areas of women’s hairdressing, it is important that you work professionally in this field in order to earn a professional. Some areas of beauty have more revenue and less pain, which I will examine in the following.

Income from hairdresser work in Iran

Yes, hairdressing is a well paid job and this job is also very well paid in Iran. I’m sure you’ve heard “well-paid hairdressing job” many times, but do you see the income of a hairdresser in Iran? Normally, male hairdressers in Iran earn between 5 and 7 million and hairdressers between 10 and 12 million. Of course, this income is determined according to professional, semi-professional and beginner hairdressers, and it is certainly not a principle thing to calculate your income.

In short, if you can make money in hairdressing, you must pay attention to the skills of the hairdresser, the number of services and the type of services you offer. If you want to earn money professionally through hairdressing, you absolutely must take professional hairdressing and grooming courses.

hairdressing lessons

One of the important and influential factors among hairdressers is their skill. Of course, if you work professionally, you will have an income that you cannot even dream of, but if you cannot do it professionally and you are only there for a regular haircut, you will have to go to another work in a few months. You are probably wondering how I should work professionally to have a career.

The best suggestion I can give you is to take professional hairdressing courses for women. The services provided in women’s hairdressing are increasingly profitable. I advise you to go to the following courses if I can access them.

  • Hair Texture Course
  • haircut period
  • Microneedling and microblading courses
  • Eyelash extension course
  • Nail planting period
  • Hairdressing and make-up courses for men
  • Skin cleansing and exfoliation period
  • Bridal makeup lessons
  • Tattoo and permanent make-up lessons
  • Hair Color and Mesh Classes

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