Expedition Fellow Athlete: Callie Hribar, Hilliard Bradley


Honorable mention female scientist-athlete

Callie hribar

Hilliard Bradley

Cumulative grade point average: 4.78

$ 1,000 / Encova Insurance

After:Class of 2021 varsity athletes count their blessings and lessons learned

Sports practiced : Golf (4 years), bowling (4), track (2)

Academic highlights: AP Fellow with distinction; member of the National Honor Society; scored 31 on ACT

Sports highlights: Twice in the league’s first all-star team; four times honorable mention in the golf league

College choice: South Carolina (planned major: anthropology and / or computer science)

Location of photos: Ten Pin Alley, where I grew up playing bowling. Some of my earliest childhood memories come from these alleys, where I fell in love with sport.

In front of the house: My parents are Mark and Doreen Hribar, and I have two older sisters: Christy is 20 and attends High Point University, and Casey is 27 and a fourth year in medical school at UNC.

Favorite subject: English. I like to analyze literature and writing. Being able to find deeper meaning in a text and articulate it correctly is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Also, I am a grammar fanatic.

Least popular topic: Science challenges me the most because of its complexity. I like some aspects of it, but some areas are either too abstract or too complicated for me to understand.

Prized possession: My dog, Phineas. In my opinion, he’s the cutest dog on the planet and he has an absolute heart of gold.

Favourite book: “Le Réveil” by Kate Chopin. It gives an intriguing and powerful commentary on societal expectations and feminism at an interesting time in women’s history.

Favorite Movies: All “How to Train Your Dragon” movies. I was obsessed with this show as a kid and watching them now is heartwarming and nostalgic. They always make me incredibly happy.

Favorite TV Show: “Julie and the Phantoms” is uplifting and the music is really fun! I hung my whole family on it.

Favorite musicians: My musical tastes change almost every day, but some artists / bands that have followed me through it all are Harry Styles, Hozier, 5 Seconds of Summer and The Happy Fits. Much of their music is easy to listen to before a game, but it is also very meaningful.

Favorite animal: I love all animals, but if I had to choose it would definitely be dogs. I grew up around them and they are super affectionate. They are just adorable!

Essential application: My sudoku application. If I didn’t complete the challenge puzzles every day, I don’t know what would become of me.

Homemade Favorite Food: Every St. Patrick’s Day my mom makes corned beef and cabbage. I don’t really like cabbage, but the corned beef is to die for.

My culinary specialty: I’m very good at making Asian rice bowls (with very detailed instructions and recipes, of course).

Favorite restaurant: I have a strong loyalty to Mongolian bd grill. I go there every year on my birthday to get the best stir fry and to hit the birthday gong.

Guilty pleasure: Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos, which are both the best and the worst snack ever invented. No pain, no gain, am I right?

Moment of sporting pride: When I finished my round at the Section Golf Tournament last season and realized we were going to move to Districts as a team for the first time in school history.

Sport I would like to try: Ski. Currently I have the confidence to only try the Rabbit Hills, but I would like to feel the adrenaline rush that comes with running on steeper paths. I would most certainly erase, however.

Favorite athlete: Marshall Kent is an excellent bowler who has overcome a lot of adversity. I also had the opportunity to work with him personally at a clinic in 2019. He’s probably the coolest guy I’ve ever met.

Inspiration: My family. My sisters set a great example for me to follow in order to be successful in the future, and my parents did all they could to support me on this journey. They all sacrificed themselves to have a positive impact on me and the world.

Dream job: I would like to be a university professor someday. My real passion is learning, and I would be so happy to help others find this passion by teaching.

I would sell this in my store: I would open my own thrift store to help provide affordable clothing to my community and reduce the waste created by the fashion industry.

Place where I would like to travel: Paris. I want to have an authentic French pancake in my life. It’s definitely a bucket list item.

Something most people don’t know about me: I can shred on Guitar Hero. I have completed this game in expert mode at least three times.

The least popular household chores: Tidy up my room. I got used to having a thin layer of clutter covering my floor.

True / False: I sing out loud when people are around: Absolutely. I’m the person who screams at the top of my lungs on any song I recognize. Music is one of my favorite parts of life, and I plan to make the most of it. I also have a very good singing voice.

Something I can’t seem to do no matter how hard I try: To be on time. Just ask my dad.

Words to leave by: Be your real self. You will be happier if you don’t care what other people think.

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