Panther Responds

Loving what my body does: Panther responds to Love Your Body Day by demonstrating how loving bits of yourself without context is fairly empty. Loving what your bits can do on the other hand can be fabulous!

Boobs: The Aimless Panther responds to boobs, what they are, what they do, why they’re good.

Control Underwear: The Panther responds directly to a reader question this week and tackles the all consuming question. To Control Underwear, or Not To Control Underwear…?

Real Men and Newspaper Fillers: This week Aimless Panther is on the hunt for a real man. Or maybe a real decent article about men and masculinity that isn’t degrading, demeaning and destructive.

Fatness as a Feminist Issue: Yes, it has been said before, but in her debut Panther Responds, our very own Aimless Panther tackles weight in a very personal and very profound way…. oh and she’s funny too!

One thought on “Panther Responds

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