Greenwood District supports women entrepreneurs with new business center

TULSA, Oklahoma. – A new business center for women settles in the district of Greenwood. The Greenwood Chamber of Commerce held a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday to unveil the new center that will aim to help women entrepreneurs succeed.

Greenwood District leaders told 2 News that this new center aims to be a resource center for women business owners and young women entrepreneurs.

According to the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, there are approximately 40 businesses in the district. 80% of these businesses are owned by women. The Chamber says that each year they generate around $ 5 million for Tulsa’s economy which is why they say we need it to be successful.

The center will provide one-on-one counseling, business coaching, workshops and even micro-loans for those who want to start a business.

Members of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce say this is Black Wall Street’s new initiative.

“With women leading the charge and being at the forefront of many great moments unfolding in our world right now, I think now is the perfect time for that to happen,” Starr said. Fisher of the Chamber of Commerce.

Executives from the Small Business Administration and the United States Black Chamber of Commerce were on hand at the grand opening Thursday to help showcase the new center.

The new center is located in the Greenwood Chamber building at 102 North Greenwood Ave.

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