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In addition to accommodation and board, Homestretch offers its residents assistance in negotiating contracts and salaries, mentoring, job search assistance, and discounted or free services, including coaching, training, medical care, physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals.

There are also benefits for the community.

Before the coronavirus, residents ran weekly rides called ‘Spin with the Stretchies’ that went down the street from home, at Homestretch’s sponsor, The Buzz Cafe.

The slow pace of the ride allowed residents to have conversations with local cyclists, which Bertine said the “Stretchies” and amateur cyclists greatly appreciated.

The UCI guarantees its male professionals at World Tour level a minimum annual base salary of 40,000 euros, or approximately 48,000 dollars.

Men at the Pro Continental level, or minor leagues of professional cycling, earn 30,000 euros, or $ 36,000, in wages.

The salary for professional women will be fully equal in 2023. But for now, the average salary is around $ 24,000 for women at the world tour level. Women who compete at the Pro Continental level do not have a base salary and often receive less than $ 10,000 per year.

Two-time Olympic mountain cyclist Lea Davison discovered the foundations after competing in the 2016 Summer Games, her second Olympics.

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