Isabel Allende: “Women undermine the patriarchy”

I decided to write a completely different book that was not only about feminism and the ongoing war against women, but also about love, aging, female solidarity, patriarchy and more.

“The House of the Spirits,” your first novel, was published in 1982, and your next book, “Violeta,” comes out in 2022. You’ve often pointed out that you feel more creative now than you did decades ago. . Has the inspiration for the stories you want to tell changed over the past 40 years?

All of my books are different. I’ve tackled many genres: literary fiction, historical novels, a young adult trilogy, short stories, memoirs and even a detective story, so I guess the inspiration has constantly changed over the past 40 years.

However, the themes haven’t changed that much. I always write about love, death, violence, organic justice, strong women, absent fathers, people in danger and power with impunity.

Credit…Bryan Thomas for The New York Times

Your new dissertation often touches on various facets of aging. In the book you describe how your stepfather, your Tio Ramón, lamented that his biggest mistake was to retire at the age of 80. You say you agree, noting that its downward slope started around this time, and how that reinforced your decision. never to retire. In fact, you write that “I’m not going to retire, I’m going to renovate”. This phrase stuck with me because it’s a fascinating way to redefine this stage of life. What will the renovation look like for you?

Renovating for me means taking risks, trying new things, being curious and engaged in the world, building a community, making new friends, giving back as much as possible, challenging myself with different things to write about, falling in love.

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