It’s American Business Women’s Day!



GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – On September 22, we celebrate American Business Women’s Day!

We have come a long way since the days of World War II, when the government labor minister said a million wives and wives were wanted for war work. Later that same year, women were drafted as auxiliaries in the armed forces. In 1949, Hilary Bufton Jr, Shirley Cupp, Irma Beisel, and Frances Stuckey formed the American Business Women’s Association to advocate for women’s rights in the workplace. The association revisited its first sponsored American Business Women’s Day, but it was not officially recognized until 1983 by a congressional resolution and proclimation issued by President Reagan.

In America today, there are over 68 million working women, 7.7 million women business owners, women start over 1,200 new businesses every day, and California has the highest proportion of women. US-owned businesses with 1.3 million. Globally, women own 36% of small businesses.

Fun facts:

  • Women-owned businesses are highly profitable – with over 9 million women-owned businesses, women-owned businesses in the United States have generated more than $ 1.7 trillion in profits.
  • Their businesses are vital to the community – according to the Women Business Enterprise National Council, women entrepreneurs own 40% of all businesses in the United States.
  • These are the happiest – female entrepreneurs in the United States rate their happiness almost 3 times that of women who are not entrepreneurs or established business owners.
  • They are great leaders – according to a study by the Harvard Business Review, women rank higher on several major elements of leadership than their male counterparts.

How to celebrate:

Support your local businesswomen! – promote the inclusion and hiring of women in your workplace, give a few words of encouragement to any businesswoman you meet.

Go for this job! – do you have any doubts about whether to enter this male dominated industry or are you just looking for the opportunity to do so? Well, whatever the case is, it’s your cosmic sign to go for this job or finally to open this small business! Dark!

Learn more and spread the word! – learn more about some of the most successful and influential women entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Cher Wang. Share what you know with others, praise any professional women or business owners you know. If you are a businesswoman, share your business, strengths and creativity using the hashtag #AmericanBusinessWomensDay


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