Jet Airways set to return with all-female cabin crew

New Delhi: With its plan to resume full service soon, Jet Airways has announced that it is ready to restart operations with all-female cabin crew members in its start-up phase. The airline further stated that it would hire male cabin crew members once it reaches a certain operational scale. It will follow in the footsteps of Vistara, which started hiring male cabin crew in March 2018, about three years after its launch.Also read – When will Jet Airways fly again? The Karlock Jalan consortium asks for a two-month delay

Jet Airways, which has not flown since April 17, 2019, is currently in the process of restarting operations under its new sponsors Jalan-Kalrock Consortium. Also Read – India to resume international flight operations from March 27

Aviation veteran Sanjiv Kapoor took over as the airline’s chief executive on April 4. In a statement on Sunday, a Jet Airways spokesperson said: “We have a limited number of NCR-based cabin crew, trained and qualified on the Boeing 737 aircraft, on our wheels to operate our airline flights. test which should take place soon. Several of them have worked with Jet Airways in the past. Also Read – Jet Airways appoints aviation veteran Sanjiv Kapoor as CEO

The airline will receive its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) after successfully completing its test flights. “Although we only have female cabin crew in the current start-up phase, as an equal opportunity employer we will also have male cabin crew once we reach a certain operational scale,” the spokesperson said.

Jet Airways has always had a gender-neutral hiring policy, and will continue to do so, the spokesperson said.

“Previously the airline proudly operated with mixed cabin crew, and we will take over that and hire male crew once we reach a certain scale. It should be noted that this will be one of the few airlines in India to hire male staff because we think it’s the right thing to do,” the spokesperson said.

“The initial all-female crew is only intended to simplify and optimize registration, training and stopover (overnight stay) costs and crew ratios while we are still under- sized and that our crew requirements are limited and also reflect the pool of cabin crew candidates who are predominantly female,” the spokesperson added.

IndiGo, India’s largest airline, operates with only female cabin crew. Full-service carriers Vistara and Air India are hiring male cabin crew members. SpiceJet, Go First and AirAsia India also have male cabin crew members on staff.

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