League to pay more than $ 3.7 million to settle gender discrimination lawsuit



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Syracuse University will pay nearly $ 4 million in a settlement over discriminatory payment practices.

Five SU faculty members allege that compensation and promotion policies have negatively impacted them and other female colleagues, law firm Outten & Golden said in a statement on Friday.

The settlement is not an admission of responsibility on behalf of the university, the statement wrote. To resolve the claim, SU will pay $ 3,713,000.

“We are delighted that Syracuse (University) has agreed to resolve the complaints,” Deirdre Aaron, partner at Outten & Golden, said in the statement. “The settlement will bring significant relief to our clients and other female teachers. “


New York State’s Unified Court System documentation lists Fiona Chew, Tula Goenka, Barbara Jones, Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, and Audie Klotz as the five faculty members involved in the lawsuit. Four of the complainants also allege that the university promoted less qualified male professors to positions that the complainants were qualified for.

The final report of the League’s 2017 Faculty Salary Review Committee found that the average salary of women is lower than that of men at the rank of professor and associate professor. The report indicated that the average salary gap between male and female faculty was approximately $ 14,200 and the average wage gap between male and female associate professors was approximately $ 5,700.

“We continue to work closely with academic leadership to ensure that salaries are commensurate with the professional responsibilities, effort and achievement of each faculty member, regardless of gender,” said Steve Bennett, Vice President senior academic operations at the SU.

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