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PLATSBURGH – Monticia Prather lives up to her 2021 North Country Chamber of Commerce Pioneer title.

Prather, vice president and branch manager of Community Bank on Margaret Street in the city of Plattsburgh, was recently honored by Champlain Valley Business and Professional Women as Businesswoman of the Year.

“That night, I just got home and was in awe of the evening,” she told Press-Republican of an event held on Wednesday, September 8 in honor of the winners of the year. “To hear that I’ve been recognized by an organization that cares about women and their involvement in the community, and the things about me that they’ve seen to give me this award – it’s just a pretty big honor. ”

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Champlain Valley Business and Professional Women, whose mission is to achieve equity for all women, has fostered the success of women workers in the region for more than a century.

President Jennifer George said the current club members span generations, including retirees and professionals today.

“It’s a great group of women who really bring their own things to the table,” said George.

The organization aims to fulfill its mission through advocacy, education and information by providing advancement resources, work / life strategies, and personal and professional relationships.


The group came together on September 8 for their decades-old tradition of recognizing professional women at their annual celebratory event, a tradition since 1928.

Winners are selected through a nomination process.

“Monticia has been really highly recommended, not only by one of the regional directors of Community Bank, but also by people who have had the opportunity to work with her and she now sits on the CVPH board,” said said George.

“She looks like a really amazing woman that I can’t wait to get to know better.”


Car dealership Riley Ford joined Prather as a winner that evening, receiving the Champlain Valley Business and Professional Women’s Employer of the Year award.

“It was pretty cool that other people nominated us,” said Jenna Seguin, Director of Services and General Manager. “It was just very humbling to have a peer group in the workforce who thought of our name and voted for us.”

The West Chazy company made headlines in 2019 when it became the first and only certified female-owned car dealership in New York State, a title it still holds today.

“Although this is a women-owned business, that’s not what makes it Employer of the Year,” said George. “It’s more that they encourage and nurture educational and advancement opportunities for women. What we really liked about Riley Ford is that these opportunities aren’t just for women, they’re available. whether you are a man or a woman. ”


The dealership has just over 30 employees and dealership manager Joy Vanleuvan, who runs the operation alongside her mother, sister and daughters Jessica Hanson and Seguin, was proud to say that most of her managerial positions were held by women.

“It’s pretty exciting,” she said. “It is not that we are only looking for women, in any case, it turns out that the qualified candidates for the positions are women.”

Both Vanleuvan and Seguin saw a possible link between having women in these top-level positions and receiving more female applications.

“We are in an industry that is very male dominated,” Seguin said. “It can sometimes be a more comfortable atmosphere for other women who might otherwise not feel comfortable in a male-dominated industry.

“We never think about it, because we just come to work, do our job and that’s just the norm.”


The winners are chosen each year through a selection process driven by community nominations.

Nominees for Business Woman of the Year must meet the following criteria:

• Employed for at least five years

• Demonstrate the highest degree of integrity in their daily life and be highly respected in their community

• Excel in his work as evidenced by contributions to progress in his field and the community through the implementation of his work

• Be creative in the implementation of his work and get actively involved in professional organizations in his field

• She should be someone who serves as a role model for all working women and who exemplifies the contributions that all women are capable of making to society.

Employer of the Year candidates must meet the following criteria:

• Offers exceptional upward mobility and additional training opportunities for employees

• Established a job evaluation system that creates pay levels that provide equal pay for equal work

• Allows salaries based on comparable value

• Offers development opportunities for new female talents

• Shows sensitivity to the needs of employees

• Provides support to dependents

• Established liberal parental leave policies and / or flexible leave policies for employees

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