Live updates: President Xi Jinping says Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary “foreign power” will not be allowed to “intimidate” China


Xi doesn’t have an obvious successor – that’s part of why Xi is taller than any of his immediate predecessors. He has managed to arrange an extended stint in power beyond the recent norm of a decade, and he’s also apparently toppled credible rivals or removed young successors.

“He seems to have favorites that he bred at the last party convention, but they aren’t expected to replace him anytime soon. The seven men who share the podium with him are a mix of experienced party ideologues (Wang Huning). older hands (Wang Qishan) and others who rose through the ranks as provincial Party leaders (Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, Han Zheng).

“What else do we know about them? Well, not much, as these guys rarely do interviews, their public ideological positions usually follow the party line, and the leadership is so secretive that you never get any gossip leaks in the domestic or foreign media about them. factions. rivalries or tensions… It is extraordinary how much the Communist leadership keeps its secrets, given the number of people involved at the top and the personal ambitions that many of them must have.

“The penalties for ‘leaking’ information must be terrible. Among its main executives, one is said to have owned secret family property or a stake in a huge Chinese conglomerate. Another’s daughter, Li Zhanshu, the 3rd largest Chinese leader, owns a $ 15 million apartment in Hong Kong, according to the New York Times.

“It should also be noted that despite all the nationalism and his fiery rhetoric about the United States, Xi Jinping sent his daughter Xi Mingze to Harvard for her college education. But that was before he rose to the top positions in China. These days, I doubt any top leader. would dare to send their children to the United States given the growing tension and hyper nationalism that Xi encouraged. “

“Xi Jinping tore up the order of succession. He rewrote the constitution and is now president for life. It is dangerous and worries people in China. That doesn’t mean it can’t be knocked down. There is still a Politburo in power.

“There are still important figures like Premier Li Keqiang. China has a history of brutal power struggle. Xi himself used his power to silence and oust other people who might have been a threat to him. or nothing for Xi. “

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