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Consumers looking to buy manufactured homes may face higher interest rates, risks, and credit barriers – and minorities feel it the most. A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) addresses these challenges.

Takeaway meals:

Although manufactured or modular homes represent a small segment of the overall real estate housing supply, affordability must be taken into account.

This type of housing is among the most affordable for low-income consumers and accounts for 13% of the housing supply in small and rural towns in the United States.

The biggest obstacle to financing housing is for minority groups. Hispanic, Black, African-American, Native American, Alaskan, and elderly borrowers are more likely to take out “household” loans.

What this means:

“This report shows the power of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act’s expanded data collection to understand the path to homeownership for some of our most vulnerable families, including Black, Indigenous and Hispanic families, as well as rural and low-income families of all races and ethnicities, ”said Acting Director Dave Uejio.

“Much remains to be done to understand the options available to these families and how best to help ensure that home ownership of prefabricated housing can be a path to financial stability for rural families. and low-income people who depend on it, ”Uejio added.

The full report is available here.


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