Mothertrucker, a book about the power of female friendships and healing. Farai Chideya, animator of Our political body. The story of “Juneau Grown”, a Montessori Borealis student company.

Amy Butcher, author and essayist (Photo by Adam Stiffler).

Amy Butcher teaches creative writing at Ohio Wesleyan University, but her relationship with Alaska runs deep. She spends her summers teaching students at Sitka Fine Arts Camp and recently released a book titled “Mothertrucker”, a portrayal of a long-distance driver on the Dalton Freeway who commanded respect in a dominated business. by men.

On Wednesday afternoon in Juneau, KTOO’s Sheli DeLaney will speak with Butcher about her book – a story that also discusses the power of female friendships and the healing of abusive relationships.

Butcher’s book is based on a road trip down the Dalton Road, which she took with Joy “Mothertrucker” Weibe, who at the time was America’s only female ice trucker.

Also on the program today:

  • A conversation with Farai Chideya, about his show Our Body Politic
  • First-hand entrepreneurship course at Montessori Borealis School.
Montessori Borealis Students make their own teas from plants they pick themselves.

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