Mumbai: 2 arrested for stealing 2.79 kg of gold ornaments worth Rs 96L from the trust



On Friday evening, Mumbai police arrested two people for allegedly breaking into the office of a minority community and escaping with 2.79 kg of gold ornaments worth Rs 96 lakh.

The accused, Nasir Khan (36) and Shridhar Krishnamurthi (33), respectively resident of Maharashtra Nagar in Mankhurd and GTB Nagar in Wadala. Police said the trust is involved in providing interest-free loans to people in its community for gold ornaments.

An officer said that on August 25, Nasir and his wife visited the trust office at Christ Church Lane in Nagpada. “His wife mortgaged her jewelry and took out a loan from the trust last year, which she repaid. On August 25, she went there again with Nasir to contract a loan of Rs 50,000, ”added the officer.

Police said Nasir, a taxi driver, noticed that many people had come to the office to mortgage their ornaments. “He spoke to another taxi driver, identified as Sikandar, who hatched a plan to commit the theft,” the officer said.

Sikandar then implicated Krishnamurthi and another person, whom they called “Anna”, in the crime, police said. “At around 2:30 am on September 1, they went to the office in Nasir’s taxi, driven by Krishnamurthi. Sikandar and Anna came in, stole the valuables and escaped, ”the officer said.

At around 9:15 a.m. on September 1, when a trust official, Zulfikar Arsiwala, came to the office, he found the lock on the door broken and some missing ornaments. As a result, a case was registered by Nagpada police under Articles 379 (theft), 454 (trespassing or breaking into a house with the intention of committing an offense punishable by imprisonment) and 457 (trespassing or breaking into a house at night in order to commit an offense punishable by imprisonment) of the Indian Penal Code.

Along with Nagpada Police, the Criminal Branch also began to investigate the case. Officers from Crime Branch Unit III got a lead thanks to footage from CCTV cameras installed in the office.

“The two intruders wore masks. However, when we started checking CCTV footage from the previous days, we found Nasir’s behavior suspicious. We interviewed him on Friday and he confessed to the crime, ”the officer said, adding that he also revealed the identities of three other people.

Krishnamuthi was subsequently collected from his residence and arrested. “The two arrested people were handed over to Nagpada police station,” said a Criminal Branch officer.

The police are still looking for Sikandar and Anna. Officers have learned that there are seven cases of theft being recorded against Sikandar, while Anna is wanted in three cases of burglary.


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